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Unpredictable and versatile
Snowman in Groningen

The answer of many international visitors to the question: “Do you like the Netherlands? ” will inevitably be: “I love it, but it is so cold”; or: “It is beautiful, but it rains all the time”.

Though Dutch people are the first to complain about the weather, the accounts above are slightly overstated.

Moderate summers and changeable winters

Freezing temperatures and snow are not uncommon from December to February, but summer days are often warm and occasionally even hot. Light showers and frequent rain occur all year round. Therefore you will need to wear warm clothing, a good winter coat, and socks and shoes for a great deal of the year, and get into the Dutch custom of bringing a lightweight, waterproof jacket everywhere you go in summer. But rest assured, there will still be plenty of use for summer clothes as well.

Last modified:19 July 2018 2.56 p.m.