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Katja Loos (Science and Engineering)

“A key feature of the flipped classroom approach is self-directed learning, where students are constantly engaged in the learning process rather than being passive learners. Typical prerecorded video lectures for flipped classrooms comprise the lecturer presenting on a whiteboard or narrated PowerPoint slides. These classical videos have the disadvantage that either the lecturer stands with the back to the students or is not visible at all.

One solution to this is using a lightboard - a lighted glass plane which strengthens the teacher’s natural mode of lecturing: writing on a vertical surface. It permits the teacher to look at the material as well as to make virtual eye contact with the audience. This provides multiple contextual clues that naturally occur in a conversational mode. The lightboard allows the instructor to face front while writing. Students watching lightboard videos benefit from visual signals such as the instructor’s facial expressions, where they are pointing, what they are looking at, etc. In this project we are building a lightboard and will use it for the HTSM Honours Master, but hope it will be used for other courses within the Honours and outside.”

Last modified:05 July 2018 2.55 p.m.
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