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Ryan Wittingslow (University College)

Ryan Wittingslow


Second-year students at the University College Groningen will have the opportunity to test, develop, and design new recipes with members of migrant Groninger communities. These recipes will syncretise the culinary norms of both Dutch cuisine with the national and ethnic cuisines of migrant communities in the municipality of Groningen. Using these developed recipes as lenses through which cultural issues can be discussed, students will be required to write accompanying analytical and critical essays on how regional cuisines intersect with and interrogate questions of national and ethnic identity and geopolitical sovereignty. These recipes and their accompanying essays will be compiled, designed, and typeset into a manuscript entitled The New Groninger Cookbook. Written by students in collaboration with the community, this manuscript will be published and distributed amongst educational and community partners.    

Last modified:16 October 2017 11.24 a.m.