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Joke van der Mark-van der Wouden (Medical Sciences)

Joke van der Mark-van der Wouden


The FIT will be used to develop and implement an intervention that may help to complete research projects in time and to improve the supervision quality. According to a theoretical framework to describe the quality of the educational environment, three aspects are vital to the quality of education, namely the content and aims of education, the atmosphere and the way in which things are organized/regulated. Research indicated that both goal-directedness and positive relationships are important for good supervision as perceived by students. How supervisors adapt their supervision strategies to students and regulate their learning in light of the goals is a complex process, and this is possibly even more so since students and supervisors were found to have – without even being aware of it – different goals during individual research internships. Therefore, our intervention comprises of having students and supervisors make their goals and expectations explicit and document them. The innovative aspect is that they have to formulate goals and expectations for each of the three domains that are important for the quality of education. During the innovation project, students and supervisors of JSM Pilot projects will monitor the achievement of the goals and, the achievement and – if necessary – adjust goals, expectations and/or supervision. The end product will be a usable manual with format that can be incorporated within the regular procedures.

Last modified:16 October 2017 11.24 a.m.