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Richard Jong A Pin (Economics and Business & University College)

Richard Jong a Pin

My fellowship is used to implement two teaching innovations for a new Political Economy course at the University College Groningen. The first innovation is to make use of a collaborative e-learning platform called Perusall. Perusall is annotation software that can be used by students to comment on selected literature. Furthermore, students can ask questions or answer questions of peers. As the students are asked to read (and work on) the study material in advance of the lectures, it allows me to efficiently analyse student-work in order to optimally adapt to students’ deficiencies in subsequent lecture(s). For example, by shifting the focus of my lectures to concepts that students found difficult, or by developing cases or questions about parts of the text where students were in disagreement. The second innovation is to let students experience the main theoretical problems from the viewpoint of the decisionmaker (instead of the reader of a model). I will do so by using class experiments that focus on "the median voter theorem", "rent-seeking contests" & “public good games / common pool problems”. Instead of calculating equilibria of complex models, I aim to bring the problems of collective action to the classroom such that students better understand the difficulty of government policymaking.

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