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Namkje Koudenburg (Behavioural and Social Sciences)

Namkje Koudenburg

* shared fellowship with Aafke van Mourik Broekman

Putting theories in motion: Masterclass “Experiencing Leadership”

With this fellowship we will develop next year’s Masterclass “Experiencing Leadership”. During this masterclass, students explore leadership and related social concepts together with a professional choreographer. Through several exercises students will put theories in motion. We believe that the active engagement, the exchange of experiences among students, and the translation of the cognitive to the physical and vice versa will facilitate learning. Moreover, this innovative way of experience-based learning challenges students’ thinking and knowledge acquisition in a fundamental way: through embodiment of theories (an increasingly important concept in both research and education). Furthermore, social psychological themes such as power, social influence, leader- and followership, trust, and dominance lend themselves well to be explored through movement.

Laatst gewijzigd:16 oktober 2017 11:24