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Tjeerd Andringa (Science and Engineering &University College)

In the fellowship I want to develop an ICT environment and a new UCG Soundscape course module in which UCG bachelor students collaborate with master students of Artificial Intelligence on a joint soundscape project (each group with their own learning outcomes). This should result in an inter- and transdisciplinary teaching environment involving:
·             Cognitive systems: artificial sound appraisal
·             Physics: source recognition
·             Engineering: signal processing
·             Psychology: perception, affect, annoyance
·             Medicine: health effects of sound
·             Politics: policy advice, good governance
·             Sociology: community responses
·             + Urban planning, linguistics, ICT, entrepreneurship, …
By bringing together contributions of these perspectives within a single course we ensure that second year UCG-students (who themselves also specialize in related topics) discover that their current level of competence is enough to address serious societal issues in a transdisciplinary fashion. In addition AI-master students will have the opportunity to be confronted with many more real-world constraints and challenges than they normally would be.
Last modified:16 October 2017 11.24 a.m.