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Tassos Sarampalis (Behavioural and Social Sciences)

The aim of this fellowship is to create a series of "class laboratory" activities and demonstrations for a Perception course in the BCN Research Masters programme. They will replace or supplement current classes in this course and will allow students to discover and create knowledge in a collaborative setting. To give an example, vowels are generated by modifying a periodic sound (created by the vocal folds) in a series of resonators (by moving the tongue, the lips, the teeth, etc.) Students can learn a lot about the physics of sound and the physiology of speech production by recreating this using physical equivalents (such as a pump to create airflow) in an incremental fashion (e.g.: what happens when a resonator pipe is lengthened? how do major and minor characteristics of the resonator affect timbre?) all the way up to using 3D-printed versions of human resonators.

Last modified:16 October 2017 11.24 a.m.