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Katja Loos (Science and Engineering)

The Northern Netherlands is the youngest high tech region in the Netherlands and the perfect incubator for the for the High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM) sector – including advanced materials design, nanotechnology, robotics, sensors, semiconductors and embedded systems.

HTSM is also at the core of the University of Groningen with the Faculty of Science and Engineering (formerly known as the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) being one of the key players. The HTSM Honours Master was started by the University of Groningen and its partners as the first public-private excellency master to equip our graduates better with traits necessary to excel in the HTSM sector such as working in multidisciplinary teams.
While we all use things coming from the HTSM sector in our daily life (in our homes, cars etc.) the concept is quite abstract. With the help of the fellowship the students of the HTSM Honours Master and myself want to develop an exhibition installation for Science Linx ( ) explaining the core issues of the HTSM sector.

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