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Jo Dorscheidt (Faculty of Law)

To grasp the essence of ensuring a child’s interest in “good health care” – notably a basic human right –, it is important to study various examples of cases in which this interest is at stake. Doing so, enables students to assess different case-related perspectives. Previous group assignments in our Winterschool have shown that presentations of recovered cases exemplifying child right related dilemma’s in health care have high educational value. The proposed (and awarded!) project reflects our aim to expand the possibilities of case-inventories. As our Winterschool program (NB. ‘Children’s Rights in Health Care’) it not is just about children, but endeavours to have actual significance for children as well, next years’ assignments are intended to direct Excellent Students to actually involve children when searching for presentable cases. To that purpose, local but also foreign children of suitable age and health condition are to be involved in fulfilling the assignments, the results of which these children -if possible- may also present in their own classroom.

The new assignment’s additional value consists of the students’ enriched training of qualities such as problem definition skills, structured study activities and critical but constructive attitudes towards deduced results as a basis for further investigations. In addition, students are expected to be vitalized by participation of and collaboration with children preferably having experience-based knowledge of the dilemma’s addressed. It is also expected that this new group assignment will offer Excellent Students opportunities to not just gain textbook-knowledge, but also to translate acquired knowledge into ‘actions’. Guided integration of theory and practice enables them to live through study investigations as a real life experience. In the end this may lead to higher, if not excellent, levels of knowledge, insights and attitudes towards the studied subjects.

The activities surrounding the assignments will be closely monitored and evaluated in relation to content, procedures and structural aspects, so as to collect useful data and reach well-considered conclusions on the effects of the assignments considering their aims. The outcomes of the involved activities will be happily presented during a TEF-community’s meeting.
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