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Gerard Renardel de Lavalette (Science and Engineering)

In 2014, I developed a Honours College tutorial with the title In search of solid truth: the crisis in the foundation of mathematics around 1900. Starting point is the graphic novel Logicomix. It tells the story of the crisis in the foundations of mathematics around 1900 in an original way, focusing on the life of Bertrand Russell. In the tutorial, the relevant mathematical ideas and developments are investigated more deeply.

Unfortunately, I have no written material available in which the logical-mathematical issues are explained at the right level, i.e. understandable by good and motivated students with few knowledge of and experience with mathematics on an academic level. This is a level in between sourcebook texts and popular renderings (e.g. in Logicomix). I wrote myself some articles in this direction; however, they are in Dutch, and they cover the material that I need only partially. The plan is to have these articles translated, updated and extended so that the contents of my oral presentation of the relevant logical and mathematical issues in the tutorial are also accessible in written form.

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