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Erin Wilson (Theology and Religious Studies)

This project will develop extensive case study teaching materials for conducting a role play with students on religion, human rights, the law and public life, using the Hobby Lobby case from the United States. This will include a detailed overview of the Hobby Lobby case, connecting it with broader questions related to religion and public life. Further, the project will develop detailed backgrounds for each of the different actors involved, detailing who they are, what their main interests and goals are in the context of the case and their relationships with the other actors. These materials will be designed to push students beyond their comfort zone by taking on the perspective of someone with whom they do not necessarily agree, thereby developing their critical thinking and reflection skills. I will also compile a list of resources for further reading and research for the students to do their own background preparation. Finally, I will prepare a clear set of criteria and expectations for what is required of the students as part of the role play. Time allowing, I will also ask the student assistant to research other potential cases or conflicts that could be used for an alternative role-play, to facilitate additional innovation on the curriculum in the future.

Last modified:16 October 2017 11.24 a.m.