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Nina Hansen (Behavioural and Social Sciences)

Two main goals of the university and faculty of psychology are to (1) combine teaching and research and (2) improve its internationalization. Students have expressed their interest in gaining relevant research experience in the context of current societal challenges. However, this is so far often not included in their education program. This particularly applies to excellent students, who are mainly trained in academic and partly leadership skills. Therefore, I propose to develop a small research program for excellent bachelor, master, and research master students with a central focus on the impact of development aid interventions on cultural change. It would be open and visible for all who want to combine an academic education with work experience during their studies in the broad field of development aid. Each year I would aim to set up a project for 4-6 excellent students to conduct their literature study, thesis, internship, or leadership lab in a research project under my supervision. The project would be related to my own research on the impact of modernization on cultural change which I mainly study in developing and transforming nations. Students could choose to stay in Groningen or join a field research trip abroad (only to safe nations). I am open to collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines, some have indicated their interest. Ideally, the recruitment process would already start in the semester before the project starts, so that students can be prepared on time and plan their studies in advance to circumvent study delays.

Main goals:

1. Combine teaching and research in the excellent tracks by offering students a unique interdisciplinary learning opportunity to gain research experience outside the university, to collaborate with different stakeholders, and gain relevant work experience.

2. Improve the internationalization of the programs.
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