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Anton Scheurink (Science and Engineering)

Verslavingszorg Noord Nederland (VNN) is an organization known for providing treatment and support for people that are addicted to drugs, alcohol, games or gambling. In April 2016 they will open a new clinic in which the role of the social environment will be a key element in the treatment of addiction. Students in the ‘Addiction and Addictive Behavior’ course will provide the theoretical framework for this treatment and will approach the topic of ‘Addiction’ from multiple sides: pharmacy, medicine, neuroscience, law, psychology, sociology, politics, economy etc. The course will consist of a close collaboration between the RUG and professionals from VNN. The program includes specialized master classes followed by group discussion assignments, press releases and the organization of a public debate. Inspired by this course, the honours students will develop an integrated view on the problem of addiction with emphasis on the role of conditioning by the social environment. Together, the student may design a manual for VVN for the treatment and the prevention of relapse of addiction in the new clinic.

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