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Fellowships for Innovation of Teaching

Aims of the Fellowship

The aims are twofold: firstly, the fellowships are meant as a reward and an expression of the appreciation by (the Board of) the University of Groningen for the time and creativity of teachers spent on teaching to excellent students and innovative education. Secondly, the goal is to form a community of fellows, where best practices are shared and a platform is created for the discussion of innovative ideas on education.

Here you can find the final reports of Fellowships for Innovation of Teaching 2016.

Fellows 2018

Fellows 2017

Fellows 2016

Fellows 2015

Applying for a Fellowship

In March 2018, Fellowships will be awarded to at most 30 University of Groningen teachers who have significantly contributed to teaching excellent students. Applications must be sent to before January 26th, 2018.

Criteria for successful applications

Formal requirements

The applicant must be an employee of the University of Groningen, and remain so long enough to fulfil the terms of his/her application.

He/she must have been involved in the education of excellent students somewhere in the last three academic years, i.e. since February 1st, 2015. These activities have taken place within the University of Groningen Honours College (HC), the University College Groningen (UCG) and/or the Groningen Graduate School (GGS) which includes all Research Masters at the University of Groningen.

He/she must be able to use the results of the fellowship project in the current or planned modules of the UGHC, UCG or GGS.

This involvement must be acknowledged by the responsible authority (director of education or equivalent).

The innovations proposed in the applications must be implemented before July 1st 2019. In case the proposals involve a course in the 1st semester, whose innovations cannot be implemented before the start in September 2018, this term can be extended to January 1st 2020. A report on the results of the fellowship, a financial accounting and the contribution made to the community of teachers is expected around that time.

Intellectual requirements

Basically, the idea of the fellowship is to give the teacher time and/or means to realize innovations in the education of excellent students.

The proposal therefore must specify which new things the teacher wants to realize in his/her education of excellent students, and must describe what he/she needs to achieve this.

If the money will not be spent on a personal assistant, the application must contain a more detailed budget proposal, specifying the intended expenditures and their relation to the objectives.

Link to community

The application must specify the planned involvement in the Community of Teachers of Excellence. This could be a presentation on one of the meetings, or something of that sort. Fellows are required, as part of their final report, to write a report on the outcomes of their innovation and the lessons for the future these yielded.

Alternatively, the application specifies the dissemination of project results to regular education at the University of Groningen.

Selection committee

The committee will consist of the following professors:

  • Elmer Sterken, Rector Magnificus, honorary chair
  • Hanny Elzinga, Dean Honours College, acting chair
  • Maarten Duyvendak, chair Honours tracks in Arts
  • Hans van Ees, Dean University College Groningen
  • Peter Groote, chair of Honours College Committee of Bachelor Education
  • Debbie Jaarsma, prof of Education Innovation
  • Ritsert Jansen, Dean Talent Developmen
  • Lou de Leij, Dean Groningen Graduate Schools
  • Greetje van der Werf, prof of Educational Science

Han van der Strate will act as secretary to the committee.