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Dinie Bouwman

Dinie Bouwman
Dinie Bouwman

We are divers. Scientific and supportive staff. International and Dutch. Men and women, older and younger staff, people with different backgrounds…but we work together, in a unique workplace. In the University Council I want to pursue this aim, that we work together. That we solve problems together, but allow room for diversity. That we row in the same direction, but each and everyone in the boat that fits the person, to get to a university which not only achieves high rankings, but also offers a fine environment to work and study in. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, where all staff members have the chance to perform well in their tasks, from concierge to professor, Dutch or International.

Our university is becoming increasingly international. Some of us like this development and see the advantages of internationalization, from the lifetime experience an international classroom can offer to merely attracting a sufficient number of students in the future. Others undergo rather than make this development, and find it rather difficult. Whether you favor this development or not, it requires adaptation from the side of the staff and adjustment of much of our policy. In the University Council, I want to work towards (more) support for staff that undergoes this process of change. And towards policy that guides this process rather than merely watching it unfold and be left behind with the consequences. We need room for diversity, but also room for staff to express experienced problems and find solutions together. We need to focus our common endeavor to ensure that the University of Groningen remains a Groning's-cozy university while at the same time not missing the boat in an ever more global society.

Short curriculum

Dinie Bouwman studied Arabic (MA) and Philosophy of a Specific Discipline (BA) at the University of Groningen from 1991 to 1996. After two more years of study and work in Egypt, she graduated with an Advanced Master's degree in non-Western Studies from the University of Leiden in 1999. In 2005 she defended her Ph.D. (field-) research on Islamic Education in Mali at the same university. From 2003 to 2008 she worked as a teacher of Arabic and Islam at the Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen. Since 2008, she works in the field of policy and co-ordination of internationalization at the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences.

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