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95, March, 2015

17 April 2015

University Council Newsletter, edition 95

A number of subjects of the last UCouncil meeting 213

  1. Right of consent regarding budget
  2. Re-organisation Financial Economic Service
  3. Renewed Graduation Fund Regulations
  4. BSA norm in the Model Examination Regulations (OER)
  5. The Enterprising Student

1. Right of consent regarding budget

The UCouncil has, from this year onwards, thanks to the Wet Studievoorschot (New Student Finance Act 2015), right of consent in outline regarding the budget. The meaning of this terminology, deliberately kept vague by the Minister, was discussed in our last meeting. From now on the outline can be found in a separate document that is part of the financial framework. The framework will not be complete if this document is not consented to. The outline refers to: the internal allocation model, intensification in education, research and management, and the investments in real estate.We will evaluate this new approach in the spring of 2016.

2. Re-organisation Financial Economic Services

After a number of years of preparation to re-organise the Financial Economic Function a detailed staffing plan was ready involving nearly a 100 members of staff.

Earlier, the UCouncil staff had already discussed a great number of questions and observations with the Board and HR.

We agreed on the main issues:

  • - there will be no redundancies, but in time there will be a reduction in the number of employees
  • - the Datawarehouse must be in order
  • - extra attention for the project controllers
  • - filling of vacancies has priority

Effective date is 1 May next.

3. Renewed Graduation Fund Regulations

Since the implementation of the new Study Financing Act (Wet Studievoorschot) students willno longer be entitled to a basic student grant. The Graduation Fund Regulations, which are linked to student funding must be therefore be adapted. From this Fund, e.g. management and participation grants and compensation for study delays due to force majeure are paid out.

The Board presented a provisional proposal shedding some light on the structure of the fund, and the level of the grants.In particular, the amount of the management grant (400 Euros per grant month) turned out to be an obstacle for the student fraction. The present norm according to them lies between 420 and 480 euros.

After the promise by the Board that this is onlyabout a minimum amount and that the definitive amounts will only be known after meetings with, among others,the Hanzehogeschool, the Council agreed with this proposal.

In the course of this academic year the Council will receive a final proposal including the calculations underlying the proposed amounts.

4. Model-Exam Regulations and the BSA norm on de-registration before 1 February

During the discussions of the model Exam Regulations in February one of the student fractions noticed that the document showed an increase in BSA about which the UCouncil had not yet given its opinion. This concerned the p-in-2 regulation for students who de-register before February and who subsequently decide to register anew for the same programme in the following academic year. The regulation, which was introduced after advice from the UCO, would mean that this group of students in that new year would have to get their propaedeutic certificate or otherwise abandon their studies.In fact, this would mean a BSA increase for students who had scored less than 15 points in their first attempt.In March the UCouncil was able to tackle this issue again. Two options were on offer: option B upholding the stricter p-in-2 regulation, and option A annulling this measure completely. In addition, the student fraction urged to have option C examined so that option B would be the main rule, but that an exception could be made for students who could show that they had obtained 45 new ECTS in their second year. This option was not accepted as it only justfailed to geta majority vote, after which the UCouncil voted for option A.

5. The enterprising student

With the appointment of a Dean ofEntrepreneurship, the establishment of the Centre for Valorisation and Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship Minor the University shows that it attaches a great deal of value to entrepreneurship. In keeping with this, a student fraction proposed a so-called ‘top athlete regulation’ for student entrepreneurs. The Board was very positive about this and as a result intends to create such a regulation to both facilitate students and to motivate them to study and to be an entrepreneur. Concrete steps will be taken to outline a clear framework for students who may be eligible for this regulation. To be continued!

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Disclaimer: The text above is an impression of topics discussed in the UC and should not be regarded as official statements with regard to decisions taken in the UC.

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