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94, March 10, 2015

04 March 2015

Extraordinary University Council Newsletter, edition 94

The reason for this special edition forms an extra meeting of the UCouncil with the Board the 10th of March about participation at the university.

Undertakings made by the Board in the extra-ordinary University Council meeting of 10 March  2015

On Monday 16 March the  following commitments made by the Board were discussed in the half-yearly meeting between the University Council and the Supervisory Board.
The Supervisory Board promised to feedback the gained insights  to our Board.

  1. The Board agrees with an elected student in the working and steering groups.
  2. The Board agrees with the distribution of the agenda of the Board meetings to all University Council factions.
  3. Except personal matters an item in the University Council is, in principle, only confidential, where publicity will damage the negotiation position of the RUG.
  4. The University Board recognizes that it did not live up to its promise to translate more policy documents into English. The effort will be stepped up and the Bureau is instructed to monitor this.
  5. University Council decisions will be made available in Dutch and English on the website.
  6. The Board will record,  in writing, the agreements made during the plenary and committee meetings of the University Council in an Action Points List (including undertakings).
  7. In future, the Board will provide the University Council with more information at an early stage. Also, increased effort will be put into supplying information promptly.
  8. The Board is willing to submit a proposal to the Supervisory Board on giving the University Council the right to be consulted on the issue of the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor. The proposal to have the Vice-Chancellor elected will not be submitted.  Also, the proposal to give employees and students more influence in respect of the  choice and appointment of  managers (not limited to the Board) was not adopted by the Board.
  9. The Board agrees with the regulation that the status of discussion (consent, advice, discussion, notification ) of types of subjects is determined in a meeting between the University Council and the  General Administrative and Legal Affairs of the Bureau.
  10. The Board agrees that the advice of its advisory organs, as a rule, is submitted with the policy documents to the University Council, albeit just as background information.
  11. The Board rejects the proposal to let the presidium of the University Council attend its meetings. Reason: the student- assessor suffices.
  12. The Board agrees that the planning and execution of re-organisations must be improved and it will take action in this respect.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an impression of topics discussed in the UC and should not be regarded as official statements with regard to decisions taken in the UC.

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