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87, April 2014

09 May 2014


·         Reporting for institutional accreditation

·         WO monitor

·         Regulation Registration Tuition Fees

·         CUOS

·         Social, Health & Safety, and Environment Report 2013

·         Language politics

·         Any Other Business

Reporting for institutional accreditation

Does the University of Groningen comply with the quality requirements that one may ask of a university? To determine this the University of Groningen was ordered to show to the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) that our university is sufficiently ‘in control’ no later than 30 April 2014 and is therefore sufficient in terms of quality. During a visit in 2013 the NVAO assessed the quality assurance at the University of Groningen as being ‘positive subject to certain conditions’.

In respect of some points the Committee was not entirely convinced and the University of Groningen was asked to clarify these points. This is done, among other things, by means of a type of self-study report recently written by the Executive Board. The UCouncil received the report for advice and gave constructive comments on various items. Both on the basis of the report and a repeat visit the NVAO is to re-asses the University of Groningen soon. Let’s hope that we are qualified as ‘unconditionally positive’ this year!

WO monitor

In the WO-monitor a picture is given of how alumni assess the University of Groningen; for instance, on the subject of alignment with the labour market. This summer the Executive Board is to present a detailed vision including future measures. The student sections expressed already at this point their concern about the trend that the number of students that undertake extracurricular activities is going down and consequently their opportunities on the labour market. The Executive Board, however, does not consider this a reason to take measures: with the right discipline students would have sufficient time to undertake extracurricular activities, according to the Executive Board

Regulation Registration Tuition Tees

The Regulation Registration Tuition Fees 2014-2015 contains the regulations and procedures relating to registration at the University of Groningen and related to this also those of fees, payment of tuition fees and restitution. This Regulation is updated annually, also on the basis of the policy of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. After getting an explanation in respect of a number of regulations the UCouncil agreed the Regulation.


University of Groningen students are fairly well organised. To carry out their work various University of Groningen student organisations are eligible to receive financial support from the so-called Graduation Fund. Whether or not they can actually submit a claim to this Fund depends on an advice by the Central Implementing Organisation (CUOS) . This year this advice concerned a reassessment of student organisations on the basis of the Graduation Fund Regulation 2012 – 2015. The Executive Board has adopted the CUOS advice in its entirety. The UCouncil also agreed. So a number of organisations can look forward to management grant months. It should be noted that the UCouncil students expressed a need to modify the regulation next year.

Social, Health & Safety, and Environment Report 2013

The UCouncil was presented with the Social, Health & Safety, and Environment Report 2013. This Report documents staffing issues, absenteeism, labour relations, etc. The Report shows that the University of Groningen is working on a targeted approach to increase the percentage of female professors. In spite of that the Executive Board is of the opinion that this will not increase without additional policy measures. In view of the fact that the UCouncil has a legal duty in respect of safeguarding equal treatment, the Executive Board has indicated to inform the UCouncil timely about additional measures.

Language politics

Which language do we speak in a number of years at the University of Groningen? Left to the Executive Board mainly English will be used in the lecture hall, and in research. And Dutch will mainly be heard in the informal-social setting. This plan, is among other things, a response to the growing diversity in cultural background of our students and staff. As a consequence of the internationalization at the University of Groningen the Executive Board has chosen a line of policy aiming for adequate knowledge of the English language. Thus, the Executive Board has the intention to include English in the Basic Qualification Education for lecturers. The Executive Board is of the opinion that students and staff can improve their labour market perspective if they have an international outlook and have a better command of the English language. By the way, this does not have to apply to all programmes and positions to the same extent. The UCouncil pointed , among other things, to the legal framework and the freedom of Faculties to organise education and research themselves, including the language of communication.

Any Other Business

students: After repeated requests by the students to issue managers of student organisations with a certificate for extracurricular activities the Executive Board was found to be unwilling to accede to this request. An entry on your CV suffices, according to Executive Board Chairman, Poppema.

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