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86, March 2014

11 April 2014

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- 200th meeting Ucouncil
- Vision on internationalisation
- Digital Student file
- Coffee in the University Library
- Tuition fees 2014 - 2015
- Minors

200th Ucouncil meeting since the University Government (Modernization) Act
The Ucouncil meeting of March 27 had a festive touch: it was the 200th meeting since the implementation of the University Government (Modernization) Act (MUB) in 1997. In speeches reference was made to participation in recent and distant pasts, such as the democratization of 1968. As a cheeky homage to bearded UCouncil members of the 60s and 70s bearded men appeared at the end of the meeting by way of surprise. Actors of the Noord-Nederlands Toneel gave a preview of crash test Ibsen II: ‘An enemy of the people ’ by Henrik Ibsen.

Vision on Internationalization
What is our future objective in respect of internationalization at the RUG? The Executive Board had outlined this in a vision document. After its discussion in the various committees/bodies, including the Ucouncil, the vision will be translated into concrete policy, which is going to be noticeable, for instance, in language requirements and requirements for the Basic Teaching Qualification for lecturers (BKO). The various measures will be put into effect in an internationalization plan. The objective behind this is to be a future-proof university that can hold its own at an international level with the best 100 universities of the world. Moreover, In view of the expected demographic developments in the Dutch population the inflow of international students will become more important. The Ucouncil, in respect of future policy, will think along critically and argues, for instance, that not each programme should be taught in English. Besides international standards there should also be room for unique own standards.

Digital student file
Paper folders with student data, are a thing of the past if it was up to the Executive Board. The Executive Board is developing a policy to document student information digitally from now on at the RUG. This would promote efficiency and save on physical storage space. The UCouncil agrees with this plan in outline. The Council does ask critical questions about the privacy of students and security/transparency of the system. Students should get insight into their own student file and should be able to see which persons have retrieved information from it (log information). Third parties will not get access to the documentation. There will be a duty to report in case of information leakage. At the insistence of the Ucouncil the relevant steering group will look closer into issues such as privacy and security. A student member of the UCouncil will take a seat in the steering group.

Broerplein is to have another catering facility. On the ground floor of the University library a spacious coffee corner will be set up. This facility is going to be run possibly by an external, large coffee chain. The Ucouncil asked critical questions about this. Students and staff wish to have good coffee at a low price, and a varied complementary range of sandwiches, etc. When choosing a manager, (young) entrepreneurs from the North could also be considered. The new chain does not satisfy the various wishes according to the student section. The Executive Board promises to include these considerations in the decision-making process.

Tuition fees in 2014-2015
Annually, the UCouncil advises on the tuition fees that the university is free to set; the so-called institutional tuition fees. These are fees required to be paid by, for instance, foreign students (non-EEA). The tuition fees should cover the costs per student. This year’s fees are comparable to those of previous years: only an increase due to indexation. The student section of the UCouncil stressed its wish that a specification of the fees for the institutional fees was to be provided. The Executive Board, however, showed no willingness to do so.

Minors at the RUG come in all sorts and shapes. With a new policy The Executive Board has wanted to channel the range of minors. The new plan divides the minor space into two minors of 15 ECs each. Faculties submit proposals to the Executive Board; if so wished these proposals can include internships. The Ucouncil emphasizes that students must have freedom of choice when choosing their personal minors and that attention should also go towards research projects. Faculties must record their approach of minors in the Examination Regulations. The Ucouncil accepted a relevant example, in the form of a model Exam Regulations, after a discussion of two rounds.

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