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115, February, 2017 Yantai

13 March 2017

University Council Newsletter

Edition 115, February, Yantai, elections issue.


  • In 2017 elections will be held for employee and the student representatives of the University Council, the Faculty Councils and the Service Councils.
  • Candidates for the elections of the employees and student members for the Faculty Councils, the Service Councils and the University Council can be nominated digitally between Tuesday 14 March 2017 and Wednesday 22 March 2017 (1 p.m.). Election details for all the councils!
  • Monday March 13: biannual meeting of the University Council and the Supervisor. Yantai and views on the new joint procedure for board appointments (2018) under the Enhanced Governance Powers Act (WVB)?

Yantai plans

A large part of the council meeting in March was confidential, but it's no secret anymore that it concerned the UG's plans for Yantai. As a result of the discussion new arrangements were made about the right of consent for the University Council and the Faculty Councils for their part of the plans. On 16 February 2017, at the urgent request of the Personnel Faction and Lijst Calimero, the Executive Board of the University agreed that the University Council and the Faculty Councils will hold the right to consent on the application of the branch campus in Yantai, People's Republic of China.
Also was agreed that and how the Minister would be informed, per letter, and that the agreement would not be made public until after the discussion in Parliament last week.

At the moment the new law has passed the House of Representatives.

The next steps will be:

  1. The new law has to pass the Senate
  2. The Minister of Education has to prepare a Governmental Decree with additional criteria
  3. The UG has to prepare to final request for launching a branch campus in Yantai
  4. Both University Council and Faculty councils must approve the plans
  5. The minister must approve the request by the UG

For more information on any item the factions can be contacted at:

About the Council:

In our newsletters we summarise the issues that are discussed in the last meeting. Welcome to the academic year 2016-2017. We are the University Council; twelve students and twelve employees who work for almost everything that concerns us all. We meet on the third Thursday of each month in three committees:

  • Research and Education,
  • Management, and
  • Facilities,

Followed, a week later, by a public University Council meeting. In these meetings we advise and check the Board and this way we contribute to the policy of the University of Groningen.

The really first newsletter of each academic year – the next one – is sent to all students and employees of the university. If, subsequently, you would like to be kept up to date of our efforts and the university’s policy each month, then, subscribe to this newsletter . Information on the University Council can also be found on our website and via our Twittertwitter account @uraadrug .

Composition University Council 2016-2017

The university council consists of 12 students and 12 employees.

On behalf of the staff two factions have a seat on the council: The PF (Personnel Faction with chair Bart Beijer and members Dinie Bouwman, Toon De Baets, Casper Albers, Olaf Scholten, Marcel Ruiters, Rieza Aprianto, Nienke de Deugd and Gert Jan Bokdam and The SF (Science Faction with chair Nicolai Petkov and member Laurence Gormley. (One seat of the SF is unoccuppied. Due to taking up employment elsewhere Mr. M.H. Paapst of the Science faction has resigned his seat.)

On behalf of the students the following three factions have a seat on the Council:

  • Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG) (6 members: Mr. E.K.A. Clark, Mr. A.I. Esser, and Mrs. I.W. Hanemaaijer, Mr. M. de Vries, Mr. B.C. Zandt, Mrs. M. Zuidema),
  • Lijst Calimero (5 members: Mrs. H. Berretz, Mr. D. van Dijk, Mrs. H.H.E. Oelen, Mrs. T. van de Werve, Mrs. N de Winter) and
  • Lijst STERK (member: Mr. P.L. Polhuis).


  • M.C. Huiskes is re-elected as external chairperson of the University Council.
  • The Presidium 2016-2017 consists of: M.C. Huiskes, B.A.A. Beijer, L.W. Gormley, E.K.A. Clark, D. van Dijk and P.L. Polhuis.
  • In addition E.K.A. Clark is appointed as member of the public at the University Committee for Education


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