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111, October 27, 2016

11 November 2016

University Council Newsletter

Edition 111, meeting of 27 October 2016

Dear students and staff,

This year had an exciting start with special focus on our students. The Board together with the Hanzehogeschool Groningen, the Municipality of Groningen and student association Vindicat announced measures to prevent excesses during the introduction period. The factions of the University Council supported these measures, in particular because this way the associations retain responsibility.

For more information the factions can be contacted at:

Food & Drinks

The outsourcing of F&D was on the agenda for discussion this month.

After a lot of discussion with the Services Council of Facilities, the Union and the University Council the Board decided to outsource the management of Food & Drinks to a market party, with personnel remaining in the employment of the RUG. The University Council thinks, just like the staff affected, that this, as such is a good decision. The Council took this opportunity to submit criteria for making the canteens future proof. These criteria concern the price-quality ratio, diversity, accessibility of the canteens and sustainability. The students find that all students must be taken into account, and not just those students who expressed negative opinions in the survey on what is offered at present. In addition to diversity there is also a need for a cheap basic package. The Council is pleased that the Board has promised to incorporate the proposed criteria in the forms of the tender. The students appreciate that as students they are involved in the process. About the pricing policy only after the negotiations with the new caterer have started can anything be said about it. According to De Jeu, this is not expected before the spring of 2017.

Any other business -transaction costs charging RUG card

In the University Council Lijst Calimero focused the attention on the high transaction costs for charging the credit on the RUG card. During a meeting with Ricoh it became clear that these costs can be reduced from 70 to about 25 cents per transaction, if a switch is made to the payment system of  MyPrint.

The Board was surprised to hear of this possibility and will investigate whether it is actually possible to change.

Bursary experiment

The Dean of Graduate Schools gave detailed answers to the questions by the Council. The Board through chairman Poppema made it known that the RUG adheres to all rules promulgated by the ministry. Individual agreements between a PhD student and the Graduate School that do not fit into a standard contract, are recorded in the so-called Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). In the Education and Examinations Regulations (OER) it will be laid down that a PHD student has the right to gain education experience. In the TSP courses are specified and valued.

Abolition of propaedeutic exam

In the last University Council meeting the abolition of the propaedeutic exam and the propaedeutic diploma came up due to administrative burdens. The student faction has right to prior consultation on this issue and is positive in principle, but finds it important that the first 60 ECTS are recognised and remain part of the diploma. Fortunately, it is technically and legally possible to add a sentence to the certified grade list that shows that the propaedeutic phase has been achieved. The Board has promised that this sentence will be added once a student has successfully rounded off his propaedeutic phase.

Extension of Aletta Jacobshal

The Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG) asked at AOB when the proposed extension of the Aletta Jacobshall will be ready and whether this will lead to a reduction of the number of exams in the weekends and evenings. The Council is pleased with the answer of the Board that the extension will be completed in September 2018 and that as a result exams in weekends or evening will largely be a thing of the past.

Dual Language Policy

In a joint AOB question of the Personnel faction, Lijst STERK and Lijst Calimero about the state of affairs in respect of the complete dual language distribution of relevant documents the Board replied, that they want to form a picture of the costs. Chairman of the Board Poppema noted, that the RUG now has over 7,000 non-Dutch students. The RUG, just like the Universities of Maastricht and Wageningen, wants to acquire the European Certificate of Quality of Internationalisation Higher Education. UM and WUR already do everything in English and have this certificate of CeQuint.


In our newsletters we summarise the issues that are discussed in the last meeting. Welcome to the academic year 2016-2017. We are the University Council; twelve students and twelve employees who work for almost everything that concerns us all. We meet on the third Thursday of each month in three committees:

  • Research and Education,
  • Management, and
  • Facilities,

Followed, a week later, by a public University Council meeting. In these meetings we advise and check the Board and this way we contribute to the policy of the University of Groningen.

The really first newsletter of each academic year – the next one – is sent to all students and employees of the university. If, subsequently, you would like to be kept up to date of our efforts and the university’s policy each month, then, subscribe to this newsletter . Information on the University Council can also be found on our website and via our Twittertwitter account @uraadrug .

Composition University Council 2016-2017

  • The university council consists of 12 students and 12 employees. Last May the elections for the student faction were held and the elected students were officially appointed in the meeting of 1 September. On behalf of the students the following three factions have a seat on the Council:
  • Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG) (6 members: Mr. E.K.A. Clark, Mr. A.I. Esser, and Mrs. I.W. Hanemaaijer, Mr. M. de Vries, Mr. B.C. Zandt, Mrs. M. Zuidema),
  • Lijst Calimero (5 members: Mrs. H. Berretz, Mr. D. van Dijk, Mrs. H.H.E. Oelen, Mrs. T. van de Werve, Mrs. N de Winter) and
  • Lijst STERK (member: Mr. P.L. Polhuis).
  • The personnel faction is appointed for two years and its composition is the same as that of 2015-2016.
  • Due to taking up employment elsewhere Mr. M.H. Paapst of the Science faction has resigned his seat.


  • M.C. Huiskes is re-elected as external chairperson of the University Council.
  • The Presidium 2016-2017 consists of: M.C. Huiskes, B.A.A. Beijer, L.W. Gormley, E.K.A. Clark, D. van Dijk and P.L. Polhuis.
  • In addition E.K.A. Clark is appointed as member of the public at the University Committee for Education


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