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108, June 2016

03 July 2016

This is the last newsletter before the summer recess of the University Council. Unfortunately no newsletter has been constructed after May's meeting, so it's two months since the previous newsletter.

Regulation financial support for managers of student associations

The Board wants to adapt the Committee grant 2016/2017 on the proposal of the CUOS. Under the heading 'study associations' the ceiling of 635 management months is reached. The proposal of the Board is to increase the member threshold of study associations to 200 members. The counter proposal by Lijst Sterk for all associations to all cut back proportionally is not supported by the other parties.

After the promise that next year the Committee grant will be extensively discussed and if necessary thoroughly revised in the University Council, the Council agreed to the Board's proposal.

Student Charter

The Council approves the Student Charter 2016/2017. In answer to questions by the Personnel fraction in relation to recent news reports about the (il)legality of the “P in two” regulation in the BSA, the Board indicates to be waiting for answers from the Minister in this respect.

Change of Management regulations

There are two changes in the Change of Management Regulations (BBR):

-        From now on the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will go under the name of Faculty of Science and Engineering, which is already approved by the Faculty Board. The personnel fraction notes that the English translation “Science” can be confusing as the word 'science' can also refer to science in general.

-        Also, the faculty-under-construction in Leeuwarden is included in the BBR. The personnel fraction points to the fact that only realised entities belong in the BBR. The Council approves the changes in the BBR.

Concept notification re-organisation Food & Drinks

The intended outsourcing of Food & Drinks was on the agenda but not discussed. The Council indicated that it first wants to study a document drafted by Food & Drinks. This item will now be discussed in the next meeting.

Memo 'Institutional Audit'

The Board has decided not to want to join he pilot institution accreditation. The Council supports the Board in this respect.

ICT long-term plan 2016-2020

After the promise that the progress of this plan will be discussed each year in the Council, this long-term plan was approved.

Change long-term accommodation plan

A proposal to change the long-term accommodation plan was discussed confidentially and given a negative advice by the Council. The main point of criticism was that the plan had not yet been discussed by the (participation council) of the relevant faculty. In a next Council meeting a renewed proposal will be put on the agenda.

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