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105, February 2016

04 March 2016


The Board has asked the University Council to agree to a proposal to participate in an experiment with bursaries (scholarship PhD candidates). The Science fraction agreed with the present proposal giving well-founded reasons and the recommendations made by the fraction (for instance about the issue of certificates to candidates who drop out after a short while) were taken to heart by the Board. Lijst Sterk expressed support for the proposal and indicated that it considers the communication concerning the differences between bursaries and regular PhD students to be important. The Personnel fraction, Lijst Calimero and SOG each had a list of critical questions. In its answer the Board has clarified quite a number of issues and made promises, such as:

  • Bursaries will get, in any case, at least 1700 Euros net per month. In respect of matters such as parental leave, child care allowance, etc. the candidates will roughly get the same financial possibilities as employee candidates;
  • Bursaries will receive a reasonable budget for, among others, training, development and attending congresses;
  • For those Faculties where it is normal for employee-students, the bursaries will get the opportunity to also gain experience in teaching. In case this happens systematically a part-time paid appointment will be entered into - this also holds for non-EU bursaries;
  • There will be an on-line document clarifying the differences between employee PhD candidates and bursaries;
  • There will be a central point of contact for scholarship students and other persons with scholarship related questions;
  • Guarantees are given in relation to the quality of supervision, both in terms of content and support for bursaries; and the guarantee that the implementation of the scholarship system for bursaries will not result in an increase in the teaching workload for current staff;
  • There is to be an annual evaluation of the experiment, which will be discussed with the Council. If desired, the experiment can be abandoned after such an evaluation.

After these promises the Council eventually agreed unanimously with the experiment.

University College Groningen

The evaluation of the Groningen University College was discussed. The Council expressed its concern about the registration figures but observed that the evaluation is thorough and that it gives hope for the future.

University Campus Fryslân

Also the activities in Leeuwarden were discussed. The Council criticized the use of the term "University College Leeuwarden", in answer to which the Board indicated that this is not a college of Liberal Arts like the one in Groningen. In future documents the Board will take care to use a more accurate terminology.

Any Other Business

  • A concept notification re-organisation Food & Drinks was on the agenda, but this has been postponed for an indefinite period by the Board.
  • The right of consent on outline of the budget was discussed once more. The Council and the Board do not agree on the role of the Council in respect of consent on expenditure of non-earmarked private means.
  • A memo with recommendations for the central assessment policy, including anonymizing student details during assessment, of Lijst STERK was discussed. The Board is to undertake action to bring the recommendations to the attention of parties concerned.
  • A memorandum of Lijst Calimero on the Young Alumni Network (YAN) was well received by the Board. The objective of the YAN is to facilitate contact with recent graduates by organising activities and drinks. Details will be worked out soon.
  • On behalf of the Personnel fraction, Calimero, SOG and Lijst Sterk the Council has called on the Board to analyse the climate within the University on fraud following recent reports in the media. The Board indicated to want to first focus its full attention on the immediate problem before studying and evaluating the underlying problem.
  • On behalf of the Personnel fraction, Calimero, SOG and the Science fraction the Council asked the Board several critical questions about printing.
  • On the insistence of Lijst Calimero the Board has indicated to be working on the implementation of formal recognition, by means of a RUG certificate, of management activities by students.
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