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Newsletter 101, October 2015

03 November 2015


This month there was an unprecedented lengthy meeting of the University Council, with no less than twenty items on the agenda. Some of the least pressing points were moved up to next month. The most important subjects this month were the developments around the campuses in Yantai and Fryslân and the re-organisation of Grafimedia.


The University Council is extremely concerned about the information and decision-making process surrounding Yantai. On behalf of the entire University Council a statement has been drafted. The complete statement can be found (in English) as an appendix to his newsletter. In our statement the Council is requesting the following from the Board:

  1. A clear overview or business case containing (i) an outline of the problems in a future without Yantai, (ii) an overview of the solutions that Yantai provides for these problems, and (iii) an overview of the current risks and opportunities that Yantai presents.
  2. All documents that have already been signed by the Board. In respect of all documents that will be signed in the future the Council wishes to be informed beforehand.
  3. A date for a Go/No-Go decision.
  4. A new time-plan. The "plan-forming" document of June is now outdated. It should be continually updated.

The ball is now in the Board's court. The Council will provide a substantive assessment as soon as it receives a comprehensive business case.

University Campus Fryslân

The Board has asked the Council for advice in respect of the Development Plan of the University Campus Fryslân. In this Development Plan the parameters are outlined of the UCF, where according to the planning several bachelor, master and PhD programmes will be set up, including a University College.

Also, on this point the Council deemed the information received to be insufficient to give advice. It has asked the Board to detail a concrete business case and will give its advice in the November meeting. As yet, there is no agreement between the Council and the Board whether or not the Council has the right of consent on this point or only right to prior consultation.

Re-organisation Grafimedia

Both the implementation plan and the personnel plan, are, confidentially, with the Council for consultation. Because, the Science fraction already earlier this year voted against the re-organisation it was unable to agree to the present Implementation plan. The other fractions did agree. The personnel plan, on the other hand, was unanimously endorsed by both personnel parties with a positive advice.

Other business

  • The Management and Control Regulations (Het Bestuurs- en Beheersreglement (BBR)) is adopted except for a observation about UCF;
  • The Implementation Plan Employability Strategy is discussed. The student fractions pointed to the large role played by the student associations in the bringing about of many of the current activities in this area;
  • The student fractions have, once again, expressed their concern about the lack of study places in the University Library (UB), especially during the exam weeks. The Board will investigate the possibilities and has announced that, during weekends in the exam periods, the library of the Harmoniecomplex will be opened;
  • The spring reports of the Management Meetings (meetings between the Board and the Faculties) came up for discussion;
  • The international members of the Council have drafted a memorandum in which they urge the Board to make (abridged) versions of all documents available in the English language at short notice. The Board has indicated also to investigate whether the Dutch texts could be shorter;
  • Sybren Dantuma (SOG) and Sebastiaan van Wijk (Calimero) are appointed as student members of the ICT strategy committee.
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