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100, September, 2015

04 September 2015

Newsletter of the University Council, edition 100, September 2015


- About the newsletter

- Composition University Council 2015-2016

- UGY – University of Groningen Yantai

- Update: Campus Leeuwarden

- Concept Strategic Plan 2015-2020

- UB App

- Appointment University Committees

About the newsletter

Welcome to the first newsletter of the academic year 2015-2016. We are the University Council; twelve students and twelve employees who work for almost everything that concerns us all. We meet on the third Thursday of each month in three committees: Research and Education, Management, and Facilities, followed, a week later, by the public University Council meeting. In these meetings we advise and check the Board and this way we contribute to the policy of the RUG.

In our newsletters we summarise the issues that are discussed in the meeting. The first newsletter of each academic year – this one – is sent to all students and employees of the university. If, subsequently, you would like to be kept up to date of our efforts and the university’s policy each month, the subscribe to this newsletter . Information on the University Council can also be found on our website and via our twitter account @uraadrug .

Composition University Council 2015-2016

The university council consists of 12 students and 12 employees, divided over five fractions and is chaired by M.C. Huiskes. On behalf of the students the following fractions have a seat on the Council: Ljst Calimero (6 members, Student Organization Groningen (SOG) (5 members) and List STERK (1 member). On behalf of the employees two fractions have a seat on the Council: the Personnel Faction (PF; 9 members) (Employees fraction) and the Science Faction (WF; 3 members) (Science/academic fraction).

UGY – University of Groningen Yantai

Of course, again this month extensive discussions were held about the development of the branch campus in China, even though in the short term there will not be a formal decision. In particular, the (problems) of academic freedom were discussed at length. In this respect, the Council insisted on clear formulation of cut-off points. In addition, the Council expressed its concern about quality care in Yantai and several practical issues such as the availability of GMail.

The Board has promised to stay in an on-going dialogue with the Council and to keep us informed.

Update: Campus Leeuwarden

Also the developments of the campus Leeuwarden receive the Council’s attention. The present plans have not reached the decision stage yet and the Council has submitted a number of items for consideration to the Board, e.g. in the areas of financing, quality care and naming.

Concept Strategic Plan 2015-2020

At the end of this year the Board will adopt a Strategic Plan for the period 2015 – 2020. A concept version was submitted to the Council, resulting in a number of recommendations to the Board. Later in this calendar year the definitive version will be submitted to the Council for approval.

UB App

On SOG’s initiative, existing and future sensors at the entrance gates of the University Library will be linked to a display system. This system will show, on the RUG website and the UB app, in realtime the number of free study places. The Board has expressed her support for a pilot of this system, and the University Library is currently conducting a study on the technicalities involved.

Appointment of Members of the public at University Committees

The Council has appointed Nathalie Niehof (Calimero) to be a member of the public of the University Committee for Education and Toon de Baets (PF) to be a member of the University Committee for Academic Practice .


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