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Rudi Zwier

Timetabler, previously facility employee and ecological field-analyst. In addition, I run a small sustainable company. In a previous period of the UR (2007-2009), I dealt with issues such as sustainability, emancipation, BSA, (traffic-)safety, emergency response, restorative services, Mensa, the adjusting of depressing colors, European tendering and budgets.

I would like to apply for the UR, on behalf of our university and its community, with the following points, among others:

  • Equal opportunities for education and career development, independent of scaling, age and other variables.
  • Job security for staff members who have been loyal employees for many years.
  • The North of the Netherlands changed into an innovative, sustainable area of knowledge. With the 7th position of the world on GreenMetricRanking and high-quality research and education, our university can serve as a platform for knowledge-oriented activities. In this way, high-quality jobs are created in the Northern Netherlands and our environment becomes cleaner and more pleasant to work and live in.
  • Internationalization with respect for the Dutch environment and culture. Any Dutchman who visits Zernike should not imagine himself being in an American suburb. Globalization should limited, for example at the universities in Florence, Cordoba or Göttingen all the signs on the campus are only in English. So at least the signs on our Campus should be in both English and Dutch. Not unwittingly adjusting learning objectives by focusing on returns.
  • True participation instead of discussing trivial matters after decisions have been made. To prevent that things turn out poorly, or must be rectified afterwards at high financial costs, it is better to truly involve people from the workplace in an early stadium of the decision making.
  • Correcting diploma-inflation so that everyone can follow their career development skills and experience.

In 2007-2009 I often worked pragmatically, which I want to illustrate with a few examples. After a few nasty accidents at the Zernikelaan intersection, Blauwborgje, I contacted the FRW traffic expert and together we mapped out all problems and solutions and I introduced that to the UR. Everything was solved accordingly and it has become much safer since then. I also was the first UR member to join the sustainability committee. Because I wanted to give an extra boost to sustainability, I started building a solar race boat together with a few other educational institutions (partially suppliers to our student inflow), and with this boat we took part in the Frisian Solar Challenge. People from 7 different parts of our university were involved in this event.

To vote for me, please follow this link (start May 13th):

Thank you!

Rudi Zwier

Rudi Zwier
Rudi Zwier
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