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Rocío Aguilar Suarez

As young researchers we need to be represented in the University Council (UC). We are the nucleus of research within the University and our work is also a fundamental piece in the positioning of the University. I would like to take care and raise the voice for matters that are of concern to us, the young researchers. This includes bursary PhD students and international young researchers. All of us should feel comfortable and safe working at the University.

Three years ago I gave a twist to my life when I moved from Mexico to the Netherlands. I came to do my master at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Groningen. Since then I have really learned the meaning of cultural diversity and experienced life as an international student. Currently, you can find me at the Medical Microbiology Department at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) where I started my PhD in February 2016. My research focuses on developing a genome-reduced cell factory for vaccine production.

When I was in the University Council at the National Polytechnic Institute in my home country it made me realize how much we can do. Being active casting your vote is the first step to do so. Let's bring the conditions to improve our work-life balance!

Rocio Aguilar Suarez
Rocio Aguilar Suarez
Last modified:12 April 2019 08.57 a.m.