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Rieza Aprianto

Rieza Aprianto
Rieza Aprianto

“Young researchers are “power houses” of the University of Groningen – pumping out hard-earned results and publications. Altogether, we form significant fraction of the university body. I believe, it is imperative and essential for young researchers to be represented in the University Council, the highest representative body of the university.

Since starting my PhD in November 2013, I have been a proud member of the University’s young researchers, specifically in the area of science. I am currently employed at the Molecular Genetics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and I am working on an exciting project on the biological mechanics of host-pathogen interaction of Streptococcus pneumoniae, an important human pathogen.

After living my first 25 years in Indonesia, I decided to pursue a research master degree offered by the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, UMCG in 2011. The on-going experience of re-settling into a new culture and adjusting to the sometime-quirky Dutch way is, for me, an adventure that keeps unfolding day-by-day. Although a degree of adaptation and adjustment is needed, I am ultimately convinced that alternative views and perspectives, offered by internationals like me, will be beneficial in wholesome discussion and complex problem-solving.

I truly think that having an starting wet-lab researcher in the Council offers a different perspective to the university-wide policy making processes and a greater university-level participation of young researchers.”

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