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Niké Wentholt

Niké Wentholt
Niké Wentholt

Accessibility, roots in society, reliability, ownership... I admit, these values might sound less appealing than 'excellence' and 'top-100 university'. True, ambition is fruitful and a university is by definition a dynamic place. I think, however, that our starting points should always be both our wish too improve and our commitment to where we stand for. We can only grow if we hold on to our core values. This university, also and perhaps especially as it is now, is a university to be proud of. Let us not forget those who build this university every day again and again: the students and staff, in all their diversity - a diversity that, as I hope and expect, will only grow.?

As a female PhD candidate from the Arts faculty I am eager to represent those whose interests are not necessarily well accounted for. In spite of, or perhaps because of, their often temporary contracts I find it important that the contribution of (male and female) young staff remains well appreciated. Next to raising young staff's issues in the Council, I want to increase the visibility of the University Council amongst this group. After all, a lot can happen in two years time.

Of course we can make an educated guess about the main issues. Indeed, the Personnel Faction [Personeelsfractie] does so all the time. But to be honest: nobody fully knows what is coming up. Who predicted two years ago that de RUG would go (or want to go?) to China? That the Minister herself would open the space for an experiment with bursary PhDs? While this may sound fatalistic, it shows how important the university council elections really are: your candidate is your watch dog. Vote for someone who will represent your interests, now and in the future. Not 'whatever will be, will be', but 'whatever will be, the Personnel Faction will carefully look after' - so that you have a little bit more time for the things you never find time for.

Niké Wentholt studied History (BA) at the RuG. After that she left to do internships, extra minors and a Master in, respectively, Belgrade, Utrecht (and Amsterdam) and Oxford. Nevertheless, the Groninger pull-factor appeared too tempting. Her project on 'dealing with the violent past' in Southeast Europe is funded by the NWO and situated within the department of Contemporary History. In her spare time she likes theatre and football.

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