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Bart Beijer

Our list for the elections has 14 candidates with a very diverse background. First of all it’s about the number of votes for each candidate; no one is sure yet. But whatever the outcome will be, the strength of our list is our diversity and our broad experience on a variety of subjects. And it’s that diversity that I appreciate very much!

Scientific staff and supporting staff
Carel Stolker once said that it’s a mistake to look at supporting staff as overhead. An appealing point of view! Excellent research and education also require excellent support. We have to go for the most efficient balance between the three.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance (QA) is often considered to be a nuisance. It can be, but not necessarily. Every now and then one has to check the quality of work. A good system of QA combines transparency, focus on improvement, and as less ‘nuisance’ as possible.

Technology will continue to develop which makes it necessary to see if new developments can improve our work. In education there should be a good balance between online and onsite education. We should stick close to the technological developments but not follow them blindly.

Our Board of Directors is very ambitious. A first University College in Groningen, a second in Leeuwarden, more internationalization, and now a Branch University in Yantai. Besides the pro’s and con’s such plans must be broadly bases within the University. Ambitions are good, but only on good grounds. Besides the internationalization the University of Groningen must not forget its base in the region of North Netherland.

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B.A.A. Beijer - Faculty of Law - Office for Student Affairs

  • Policy Officer Educational Affairs, coordinator E-Learning
  • Member of Stearing Group Digitaal Toetsen en de UCO-working group Quality Assurance
  • Member University Council from 2009 eand chair of the faction from 2013
  • RUG Alumnus Personality- en Educational Psychologiy
Bart Beijer
Bart Beijer
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