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The Personnel Faction

Characteristic of our Personnel Faction - with nine members the largest faction in the university council - is the diversity of its members; scientific staff as well as supportive staff working in many different Faculties and Departments. Therefore we can combine our knowledge and experience and represent all layers of our organization. There is ample opportunity for a diversity of opinions, but on a common base.

An overview of our faction members can be found here.

Important issues that are going to affect us all in the coming years are for example:

1) Strategic Plan 2020-2025; an important document that partly determines the course of the RUG in the coming years

2) The Executive Board; in 2019, the appointments of two of the Board members will end. The University Council had advisory rights on the profile for the candidates, has advisory right on the intended appointment, and two places in the nomination advisory board.

3) Financing of education; the Personnel Faction is opposed to new bureaucracy- and workload-increasing performance agreements.

What has the Personnel Faction done and achieved in recent years?

  • We brought about that the University Council and the Faculty Councils have the right of consent on the plans for Yantai; this project has ended.
  • Regarding outsourcing of Food & Drinks, we have achieved that Food & Drinks staff keep their employment with the university.
  • Only after compelling substantive promises from the Executive Board on six core demands from our side have we consented to the Bursary Experiment for PhDs, which lead to many more promotional positions at the UG next year.
  • Together with the Science Faction, we repeatedly demanded modification of the heavily criticized ATPI booking system – which has now been done!
  • We have made sure that parental leave also applies to PhDs throughout the university.
  • On our insistence, the Executive Board has officially stated that course evaluations may not be used without due consideration in making personnel decisions.
  • We have strived for and achieved that a teaching (instead of a research) career is also an accepted path in the UG personnel policy.

The Personnel Faction on the internet:

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