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The Personnel Faction

Representing academic and support staff: together
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Characteristic of our Personnel Faction - with eight members the largest faction in the university council - is the diversity of its members; scientific staff as well as support staff and Phd's working in many different Faculties and Departments. Therefore we can combine our knowledge and experience and represent all layers of our organization. There is ample opportunity for a diversity of opinions but on a common base.

The following 12 contributors make up the list of candidates for the 2023-2025 Personnel Faction. The list order was determined by drawing lots.

  1. Dinie Bouwman (voorzitter)
  2. Marijke Nieborg
  3. Ane Walinga
  4. Jessica de Bloom
  5. Hans van Gestel
  6. Janet Fuller
  7. Manuel Pinto Reyes
  8. Björn de Kruijf
  9. Henk van Putten
  10. Wilfred van Slooten
  11. Alexine de Wit
  12. Mariet Hofstee

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