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Faculty Council FSE

The Faculty Council is the advisory organ of the FSE and is authorized to submit proposals, present their viewpoints, and discuss the general state of affairs of the faculty with the Faculty Board.

The Council meets with the board every six weeks. The meeting schedule can be found on the left-hand side in the menu, same as the agenda and the mailing list.

The Faculty Council exerts their right of say in meetings with the Faculty Board if the required authority is bestowed upon them and it concerns a matter that is explicitly relevant to the faculty. The Faculty Council also has say in matters of:

  • The faculty regulations.
  • A major part of the regulations concerning education and examination.

The Faculty Council consists of a staff faction and a student faction (the composition of which can be found to the left in the menu. The Faculty Board is required to discuss with the staff faction and listen to their advice on matters of:

  • The way in which working conditions and the terms of service are applied within the faculty
  • The way in which the general staff policy is applied within the faculty.
  • General matters of health, safety, and wellbeing.
  • The organization and modus operandi within the faculty.
  • The technical and economic service implementation of the faculty.

The staff faction has a right of consent in those matters where the Faculty Board is formally authorized to independently implement certain measures.

General Overview of Advisory Organizations

Supervisory Board

Executive Board  

University Council

Service Council

Head of Service

Faculty Board

Faculty Council

Education Board

Education Committee

The above diagram shows that the Supervisory Board is the highest layer of governance. Below that is the Executive Board, which is advised by the University Council. Below the Executive Board there is the Head of Service and the Faculty Board. They are respectively aided in their duties by the Service Council and the Faculty Council. Finally, the Education Board is a part of the Faculty Board and they are advised by the Education Committees.

The Council members can provide you with more information.

Input from colleagues and students is always welcome!

For more information about the Faculty Council, please contact the chairman, Mariano Mendez.

You can also contact us via facultycouncil.fse if you have any questions or comments.

Postal address: Nijenborgh 9, 9747 AG Groningen

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