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Frequently asked questions

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01. What is CUOS? What are its responsibilities?27 September 2018
02. How are CUOS’ members appointed? What is the remuneration for board members?27 September 2018
03. When does CUOS meet?27 September 2018
04. How can I contact CUOS?27 September 2018
05. What is a board grant?27 September 2018
06. Who is entitled to a board grant?27 September 2018
07. I am a boardmember of a student organization, am I entitled to a grant?27 September 2018
08. My organization has not been included in the regulation. Is it possible to become included this academic year and apply for a grant?27 September 2018
09. I am a board member and entitled to a grant, where can the grant be requested?27 September 2018
10. I am a board member and entitled to a grant, when do I have to apply for it?27 September 2018
11. What is attendance allowance?27 September 2018
12. Can the board grants be divided to people other than board members?27 September 2018
13. When will my organization be re-evaluated?27 September 2018
14. How do I know whether or not my organization is eligible for a grant from CUOS?27 September 2018
15. When does a grant application have to be submitted?27 September 2018
16. What happens when I do not submit an application in time?27 September 2018
17. Where does the application have to be handed in?27 September 2018
18. Can I object a CUOS decision?27 September 2018
19. What rules of conduct apply in the housing facilities in the Pelsterstraat and the Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat?27 September 2018
20. What happens when I have not finalized all documents in time?27 September 2018
21. When will my application be discussed by CUOS and can I be present?27 September 2018
22. Apply for the Board of CUOS27 September 2018
23. After allocating the committee grant months among the board members, we have several excess months, what can we do about this?27 September 2018
24. My committee grant months have not yet been transferred to my account. Who should I contact?27 September 2018
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