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Module 2

Day 1, 12 April 2018

Energy resources: a systemic perspective on the changing frontier
  • Long term energy transition and short term signals
  • Natural gas and biogas as 'transition fuels' or as 'destination fuels' in the energy transition
  • Green meets unconventional: the two revolutions of energy supply
  • An earth-shaking combination of fossil reservoirs, carbon-sink and geothermal resources: what the microcosm of Groningen subsoil tells us about the macrocosm of energy transition
  • Field visit of Zernike: Buildings and the electric distribution grid
    • Academia meets business: cross-fertilizing debating dinner on the energy-supply frontier as seen from the worlds of research and of business

Day 2, 13 April 2018

Disruptive technologies, prescriptive policies and the law: how centralized the governance of the decentralized energy transition?
  • 'All we need is law': European legislators, companies and citizens in search of the win-win for climate and competiveness
  • Disruptive technologies at the solar energy research frontier: pioneer Kees Hummelen
  • With advice from a virtual think tank, participants explore for strategic responses in the ENERGY SUPPLY PULL-AND-PUSH GAME

“What you held for certain at the onset of the energy transition, no longer applies”
Albert Bressand

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