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Life Science and Technology - Bachelor

What is Life Science and Technology
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Can you generate new organs from cells for instance? And how do you design an artificial hip?

Life Science and Technology (LS&T) combines knowledge from several branches of science, with the basic aim of making people healthier and improving their quality of life. But it also embraces the intrinsic aim of finding out more about ourselves as humans. We try to build a bridge between science and medical practice by conducting research into substances that are known to halt cancer in the body, for example, and the conditions in which this occurs.

But we also take a wider view of these issues by looking at prevention, mental health and wellbeing. You come across things like this every single day. Our students and researchers study the development of prostheses to replace certain physical functions, for example. Or they explore ways of ensuring that the blood of patients on heart-lung machines clots properly. Is shift work healthy or not? These are just a few examples of the things we explore. By the time you start this programme, numerous other new research projects will undoubtedly have started up. You’re bound to find something that arouses your interest.

Life Science and Technology - Bachelor
Life Science and Technology - Bachelor

Is this the programme for you?

If you are interested in studying the human body in the minutest detail (right down to cell level), and if you can think logically and enjoy doing experiments, then LS&T is the right programme for you. The programme obviously includes pure sciences and a lot of interesting lab work.

Job prospects

Many recent graduates find positions in the field of research.

In addition, graduates in this field also make good managers, supervisors and project leaders as they have a wide knowledge of many subject fields and will therefore understand the various team members better. Positions such as those of policy advisor, information officer, teacher or journalist are also possible.

Job examples

  • Policy advisor
  • Biomedical technologist
  • Lecturer
  • Behavioural scientist
  • Drug developer
  • Health advisor
  • Researcher
  • Product developer
  • Information officer


Tom Schotkamp: The Boston Consultant Group (BCG)

Graduated with a specialization in Biomedical Technology and now works at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Amsterdam. This is a global management consulting firm for major businesses listed on the stock exchange. Tom was taken on after taking the initiative by visiting trade fairs, in-house days and business courses. The capacity for logical and analytical thought he acquired during his degree programme is proving very useful in his present position.

Harm de Vries:

Works for a business which designs and produces various kinds of specialist, single-use medical products for several multinationals. Harm is a project manager and as such, is responsible for advising a number of major customers. He meets them to find out their requirements, calculates the costs and then draws up quotes. The international character of the work makes his job all the more exciting.

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