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LC awards

The LC Awards is an initiative of the local newspaper the Leeuwarder Courant (LC). Leeuwarder Courant wants to draw attention to interesting projects of students in Leeuwarden. This year the Leeuwarder Courant will organize this award show for the third time. All students with an original idea which has value for the community were welcome to apply. There is a special category for professional and academic master students. The videos below give an overview of the last few contributions from academic master students.

Contrubution 2018

Title project: Toward a sustainable bioeconomy: Qualitive cost-effectiveness analysis of food waste biofuel production in the Netherlands
Study: Energy and Environmental Management

Title project: Debunking myths? Intelligibility of Frisian for Dutch native speakers
Study: Multilingualism

Contribution 2017

Title: Research on English spoken at Dutch universities
Study: Multilingualism

Contribution 2016

Title: LWD 2018: a fossil fuel free city
Study: Master Environmental & Energy Management

Contribution 2015

Title: Safe drinking water for all
Study: Water Technology

Contribution 2014

Title: Waste plan Vlieland
Study: Environmental and Energy Management

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