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Introducing the Strategic plan

Research, education, societal impact and talent development are essential to achieving our mission and vision. Research and education have always been the University’s raison d’être; societal impact and talent development, although an inherent part of research and teaching, have recently been made a more explicit aspect of the University’s activities. If it is to fulfil its task here, the University needs to perform on regional, national and international levels. Although this presents opportunities, the competition is fierce, especially in the national and international fields. Furthermore, if we are to consolidate or preferably improve our position in the global academic world, we will need to perform and become even better in the four areas of research, education, societal impact and talent development. Our strategic objectives, as stated in the following sections, are therefore geared towards improvement in these areas. This is combined with global expansion in the shape of (inter)national branch campuses that should consolidate our education and research.

Achieving the strategic objectives will involve launching new initiatives and most likely revising, reducing or terminating existing ones.

Last modified:15 July 2019 2.35 p.m.
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