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Archive 2011

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Prof. Arie Dijkstra: ‘Government must not abandon smokers to their fate’03 January 2012
Dr Mathilde van Dijk: ‘Marian apparitions are potential threat to Church’s authority’21 December 2011
Dr Dicky Gilbers: ‘The Top 2000 is full of near-plagiarism’14 December 2011
Dr Joost Herman: ‘Disaster and conflict prevention always gives a good return on investment’07 December 2011
Prof.dr. René Veenstra en Gijs Huitsing, MSc: ‘Pesten is nooit gezond. Pesten los je op in de groep’05 December 2011
Dr Wim Klaassen: ‘Predictions of a horror winter are totally unfounded’30 November 2011
Prof. Maarten Allers: ‘Local government funding unnecessarily complex and inefficient’23 November 2011 Fokko Oldenhuis: ‘Weigerambtenaar miskent functie als overheidsdienaar’17 November 2011
Prof. Rob van Haren: ‘Lupini beans the ideal ingredient in meat substitutes’16 November 2011
Dr Hanneke Schaap: ‘Religion can be beneficial in the age of Twitter and Facebook’09 November 2011
Prof. Arno van der Vlist: ‘Housing market still stagnant, households need to reserve for write-off and depreciation’02 November 2011
Prof. Hans Grietens: ‘The voices of foster children are rarely heard’25 October 2011
Prof. Gert de Roo: ‘Show opponents wind parks are in their interest’19 October 2011
Professor Michael Koetter: ‘Bailout Fund must not reward banks’ bad behaviour’12 October 2011
Prof. Robert Lensink: ‘Effectiveness of development aid benefits from field experiments’05 October 2011
Dr Donald van Tol:‘Pressure on doctors to perform euthanasia should not become too great’28 September 2011
KVI Director Jungmann: ‘Even if the publicity around superfast particles is an error, it’s nothing to be ashamed of’26 September 2011
Prof. Ruud Koning: ‘Dutch clubs sidelined by power relations within football industry’21 September 2011
Mathieu Paapst: ‘Only the police should be able to post images of suspects on the internet’14 September 2011
Dr Gjalt de Jong: ‘Reduce the regulatory burden that’s making the Northern economy so vulnerable’07 September 2011
Professor Clara Mulder: ‘Population shrinkage in Western countries can be addressed effectively’31 August 2011
Prof. Jan van der Harst: ‘Rutte should admit that more European involvement is inevitable’24 August 2011
Dr Martijn van Zomeren: ‘Time for British politics to learn from the riots’15 August 2011
Prof. Jakob de Haan:‘Submit EU budget dissidents to financial supervision’26 July 2011
Prof. Gerrit Voerman: ‘Prospects for disoriented and divided CDA remain poor’20 July 2011
Prof. Thom Palstra: ‘Putting too much emphasis on innovation will damage science and eventually the economy’13 July 2011
Prof. Bert Otten: ‘Running faster than Usain Bolt is hardly possible’06 July 2011
Dr Marc Pauly: ‘Deliberative polling increases citizen involvement’29 June 2011
Professor Linda Steg: ‘Public opinion on nuclear power not as unwavering as we thought’22 June 2011
Dr Bettina van Hoven: ‘Research into Healthy Ageing should also deal with everyday matters’15 June 2011
Professor Monika Schmid: ‘Language analyses by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service are unreliable’07 June 2011
Prof. Jan Brouwer: ‘Drug policy will encounter insurmountable difficulties’06 June 2011
Professor Wim van de Grift: ‘Teachers can only provide tailor-made teaching if they are given the right support’01 June 2011
Prof. Albert Boonstra: ‘Large-scale IT projects doomed to failure’24 May 2011
Prof. Erik Frijlink: ‘We’re well on our way to becoming Western Europe’s poorhouse’18 May 2011
Professor Rafael Wittek: ‘Using market forces in science is a mistake’11 May 2011
Prof. Marc Hertogh: ‘Wilders case and Chipshol are stress tests for Dutch legal system’04 May 2011
Dr Quirijn van den Hoogen: ‘Municipalities must play a leading role in arts policy’27 April 2011
Prof. Bert Scholtens: ‘Energy policy should just be about energy’20 April 2011
Prof. Theo Spek: ‘Negative consequences of Bleker’s nature policy quickly evident’13 April 2011
PhD student Froukje Pitstra: ‘Discussions about the first female minister had nothing to do with biblical commandments’05 April 2011
Prof. Dirk Strijker: ‘Countryside will empty without high-speed internet’30 March 2011
Dr Mirjam Plantinga: ‘Don’t make people solely responsible for their own health’23 March 2011
Dr. Anne Bollmann: ‘Knowledge of German language and culture can be very profitable’15 March 2011
Prof. Fokko Oldenhuis: 'The government should set up an advisory centre to tackle sects'09 March 2011
Prof. Rien Herber: ‘Better planning of mining activities long overdue’02 March 2011
Prof. Jan Brouwer: ‘“Grass pass” won’t help fight crime’23 February 2011
Dr Tjeerd Andringa: ‘More discussion needed on the desired role of robots’16 February 2011
Prof. Heinrich Winter: ‘Leers is trying to distract attention from his lack of room to manoeuvre’09 February 2011
Prof. Leo van Wissen: ‘The ageing population is a blessing’02 February 2011
Prof. Anne Ruth Mackor: ‘Dutch criminal judges have too much autonomy’24 January 2011
Prof. Gert de Roo: ‘Without the Forum, Groningen will fade into obscurity’19 January 2011
Prof. Kocku von Stuckrad: ‘Science gradually taking over role of the church’12 January 2011
Prof. Fokko Oldenhuis: ‘Supreme Court limits strict liability in Wilnis case’10 January 2011
Dr René Veenstra: ‘Stop the proliferation of anti-bullying programmes’05 January 2011
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