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Archive 2010

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Prof. Wouter Slob: ‘Father Christmas fills the theological void’22 December 2010
Dr Kees de Vey Mestdagh: ‘People who want to fight WikiLeaks don’t understand anything about the internet’15 December 2010
Prof. Martin van Hees: ‘Watch out for the Zeitgeist’01 December 2010
Prof. Sieneke Goorhuis-Brouwer: ‘You can't treat toddlers as if they are already schoolkids’24 November 2010
Dr. Kim Knibbe: ‘Academia pays too little attention to the “popular” forms of spirituality’17 November 2010
‘The government must draw more attention to the importance of sustainability’10 November 2010
Prof. Jouke van Dijk: ‘Employers are underestimating the implications of an ageing population’03 November 2010
Prof. Robert Hofstra: ‘Researchers have to learn to address a wider public’26 October 2010
Dr Michel Doortmont: ‘Africa’s dependence is being overestimated’19 October 2010
Prof. Mirjam de Baar: ‘Death is becoming less of a taboo’12 October 2010
Dr. P.B. de Laat:‘Academic publications must be freely accessible’07 October 2010
Dr. J.A. Nijboer: ‘Setting minimum sentences is pointless’06 October 2010
C.L.H. Bockting: ‘Depression treatment is a waste of money’29 September 2010
Prof. H.B.M. Wijfjes: ‘Dutch culture will suffer from public broadcasting cutbacks’22 September 2010
Urologist Dr I.J. de Jong: ‘Ignore fear and taboo. Take urination problems seriously!’15 September 2010
Prof. Heinrich Winter: ‘Performance of supervisory authorities should be better documented’08 September 2010
Prof. Gijsbert Vonk: ‘Lowering pensions is unfair and legally complicated’01 September 2010
Prof. Henk Moll: ‘Interest in sustainability will continue to grow even in a right-wing cabinet.’24 August 2010
Prof. Fokko Oldenhuis: ‘Council of State’s decision on ‘Jezus redt’ [Jesus saves] is not an attack on Judeo-Christian values’21 July 2010
Dr Quirijn van den Hoogen: 'Cultural policy evaluations concentrate too little on value for audience'13 July 2010
Dr Martijn van Zomeren: ‘Orange fever a social refuge in times of individualization’29 June 2010
Prof. Fokko Oldenhuis: ‘Limit expressions of religion and other philosophies’23 June 2010
Dr Gerrit Voerman: ‘Election results fit trend – voter involvement declining’15 June 2010
Prof.dr. R.H. Koning: 'Betting market best predictor of Football World Cup'09 June 2010
Mr. Aline Klingenberg: ‘Public access to government information in the Netherlands substandard’02 June 2010
Prof. M.J. Goedhart: ‘Emphasis on national examinations in the exact sciences not good for education’25 May 2010
Prof. C. Visscher: ‘It’s irresponsible to cut back on sports and recreation’18 May 2010
Dr Heinrich Winter: ‘Refugee policy can’t do without emergency accommodation’12 May 2010
Philosopher Pieter Boele van Hensbroek: ‘Freedom needs partisans.’04 May 2010
Prof. Rien Herber: ‘CO2 storage is safe, the discussion should be about financial aspects’27 April 2010
Prof. J.G. Brouwer: ‘Football act is not strict enough and will not curb violence’20 April 2010
Prof. J. Bouwman and J. bij de Leij: ‘The current mortgage interest relief system is a monster’13 April 2010
Major health risks due to excessively salty food06 April 2010
Prof. M.J. Broersma: ‘Reporting on the Milly Boele case illustrates transitional phase in Dutch journalism’30 March 2010
Dr Gerrit Voerman: ‘Balkenende’s campaign for re-election is not hopeless.’23 March 2010
Prof. C.T.B. Ahaus: ‘Small changes in the health sector can save large amounts of money'16 March 2010
Dr Jan R. Luth: ‘The St Matthew Passion is so good that even mediocre performances of it are impressive’09 March 2010
Prof. L.J.G. van Wissen: ‘Population decline is not a threat’23 February 2010
Cheering convincingly increases chances of success16 February 2010
Prof. S.A. Reijneveld: ‘Care for adolescents with behavioural problems is not sufficiently substantiated.’09 February 2010
N.G. Blanksma and J.W.F. Parrée: ‘Dutch children’s teeth are in poor condition’02 February 2010
Prof. Doeko Bosscher: ‘No “vehemently critical” conclusions in the Davids report’26 January 2010
‘The public broadcasting service is still very powerful’, says Prof. Huub Wijfjes26 January 2010
Dr Kees de Vey Mestdagh: ‘Neelie Kroes should now change her tune: innovation instead of enforcement.’19 January 2010
Professor Han Olff: ‘Balkenende should take the International Year of Biodiversity very seriously’12 January 2010
Prof. R.W. Boomkens: "Globalization is the characteristic of the noughties"05 January 2010
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