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Archive 2009

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A Very Happy New Year22 December 2009
Prof. Fokko Oldenhuis: ‘PVV politician Wilders a prime example of reprehensible intolerance’15 December 2009
Dr Antoon De Baets: ‘Historians pay too little attention to the ethics of their subject.’08 December 2009
Prof. George Huitema and Prof. Linda Steg: 'Good communication with users essential for effective kilometre charging'01 December 2009
Prof. Martha Roggenkamp and Dr. Edwin Woerdman: ‘Legal uncertainties hinder investment in CO2 capture and storage’25 November 2009
Brenda Bartelink: 'Discussing role of religion in fight against HIV and AIDS counterproductive'24 November 2009
Prof. Tom Postmes: 'Attention lavished on H1N1 (Mexican) flu virus mainly causing confusion'17 November 2009
Prof.dr. Gijsbert Vonk: 'Bestuurscrisis vraagt om nieuwe juridische oriëntatie'16 November 2009
Dr. Heinrich Winter: 'Deregulation: difficult to define, but useful'11 November 2009
Prof Rien T. Segers: ‘The Netherlands may become a B country’10 November 2009
Prof. Marc Hertogh: ‘General public slightly positive about market forces’04 November 2009
Dr S. van der Poel: ‘We were naïve about the fall of the Wall and never truly interested in the East’03 November 2009
Opinion: Dr Heinrich Winter: ‘Access to lawyers should be easier’28 October 2009
Opinion of Prof. Henk Moll: ‘A compulsory energy label for homes is good for the environment and your pocket’27 October 2009
Crisis and Recovery Bill possibly counterproductive20 October 2009
Dr Simone de Valk: ‘Waive immunity from prosecution for the government and officials … but exercise caution when prosecuting individuals’13 October 2009
Dr Floor Hettinga: ‘4-Mile runners should not get off to a too slow start.’06 October 2009
Prof. Gijsbert Vonk: 'Raising the AOW age – SER makes the best of a bad job?'29 September 2009
Dr. Jennifer Jordan: ‘Is the Banking Code a hollow gesture?’22 September 2009
Prof. Elmer Sterken: ‘The Queen’s speech is too often without vision’14 September 2009
Prof. Andy F. Sanders: ‘Theologian McGrath sows confusion in debate between science and religion’08 September 2009
Prof. Niels Taatgen: ‘People are better at multitasking than they think’01 September 2009
Henk Sol: ‘Surprising emotions surrounding teenager’s solo sail’25 August 2009
Dr Robert Janz: 'Internet stimulates democracy in developing countries'07 July 2009 Fokko Oldenhuis: ‘Zelfstandige sharia-rechtbank past niet in Nederlands rechtssysteem’02 July 2009
Dr Kees Kuiken: "Criticism of the Dalai Lama should be nuanced"01 July 2009
Prof. Janka Stoker and Dr Floor Rink: ‘In times of crisis, female leadership is needed’30 June 2009
Opinion prof. H.C. Moll: 'Growth in the airline industry will stagnate – now due to the economic crisis, later due to climate policy'23 June 2009
Prof. Arie Jan van Winkelhoff and Prof. Frank Abbas: ‘Dangers of gum disease taken too lightly’16 June 2009
Dr Gerrit Voerman: Populist parties important in European elections02 June 2009
Prof. Doeko Bosscher: ‘Give Arnhem a chance with the National Historical Museum’26 May 2009
Prof. J. van der Harst: ‘At last there’s something to choose between in Europe.’19 May 2009
Dr Gerrit Breeuwsma: "Not leaving children in peace is the great crime of our times"12 May 2009
Prof. K.I. van Oudenhoven-van der Zee: ‘Integration works better if the own identity is preserved’06 May 2009
Prof. Yme Kuiper: ‘Only use the word charisma in very exceptional circumstances.’28 April 2009
Prof. H.C. Moll: "Energy supply in the future will be hybrid"21 April 2009
Prof. Elmer Sterken: ‘Emergency economic measures rest on false certainties’14 April 2009
Prof. G.A. Biezeveld: ‘Use environmental law to reduce the ecological footprint.’31 March 2009
Prof. Domien Beersma: ‘Change from summer time to winter time is unhealthy’24 March 2009
Prof. Fokko Oldenhuis: ‘Aeroplane crash and crisis cause for debate about the limits of liability’.17 March 2009
Criminoloog prof. dr. Willem de Haan: 'Schietpartij in Duitsland past in bekend patroon'13 March 2009
Prof. Han Olff: 'Biobuilding organisms essential for the ecological recovery of the Wadden Sea'10 March 2009
Opinion Mirjam de Baar: 'Take advantage of Calvin year to explode the myths'03 March 2009
Prof. Postmes: ‘Most of the Dutch let themselves be silenced’24 February 2009
R. Fransen: "Don’t misuse science to propagate your personal ideology"17 February 2009
Prof. Tammo H.A. Bijmolt: ‘Long-term effects of AH football campaign are unclear’10 February 2009
Prof. Louwrens Hacquebord : "We need an international treaty to protect the Arctic Ocean"03 February 2009
Dr Joost Herman: ‘No reason to be cynical about humanitarian aid’29 January 2009
Prof. Rien T. Segers: 'The domination of Asia is unavoidable in the 21st century'28 January 2009
Prof. Fokko Oldenhuis: ‘Debate on the ban on blasphemy is disappointing’.27 January 2009
Prof. Jouke van Dijk: ‘Building the Zuiderzee Line will not solve the credit crisis’20 January 2009
Prof. Martin van Hees: 'Catalogue of values must not become list of obvious obligations'13 January 2009
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