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Archive 2008

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Prof. Wied Ruijssenaars: 'We should treat dyslexia normally'16 December 2008
Dr A.T. Marseille: ‘Albayrak’s proposal for limiting legal aid is intelligent’09 December 2008
Teveel buitenlanders in de eredivisie voetbal?08 December 2008
Prof. J.G. Brouwer: ‘Few businesses have their affairs as well organized as coffee shops’02 December 2008
Dr Joseph T. Jockel: ‘Saying no to Obama will be more difficult than to Bush’25 November 2008
Prof. Harry van de Wiel: ‘It’s none of the minister’s business how many people someone’s slept with’18 November 2008
Prof. René Jorna: 'We must not stick our heads in the sand with regard to social sustainability'11 November 2008
Prof. Robert Lensink: 'Developing countries must not become victims of the credit crisis'04 November 2008
Berlage erroneously regarded as founder of modern Dutch architecture28 October 2008
Prof. Geurt Henk van Kooten: 'Verhoeven’s Jesus biography is mainly fiction'21 October 2008
Prof. Martha Merrow: 'Teenagers victims of their biological clock'14 October 2008
Dr Frank P. Helmich: 'Chinese space travel should be encouraged'07 October 2008
Prof. Jaap de Wilde: 'It is good to have a strong Russia on Europe’s borders'30 September 2008
Dr. Theo Bouman: ‘The longer you spend in front of a mirror, the more critical you are of yourself’23 September 2008
Prof. Jan H.B. Geertzen: 'Sport for the disabled must be integrated better into society'16 September 2008
Prof. Dirk Strijker: 'Mansholt’s agricultural policy was foundation of European Union'09 September 2008
Dr Michael Koetter: 'European financial markets should have centralized supervision'02 September 2008
Residential youth care is better than expected26 August 2008
Beata Kviatek-Simanska: “Moscow will finally accept the establishment of the civil mission of the European Union in Kosovo and will make a compromise to the European Union”09 July 2008
Prof. John Videler: ‘Studying nature will improve swimming speeds’01 July 2008
Prof. Jan Brouwer: 'Neighbourhood judges could be solution to problem neighbourhoods'17 June 2008
Prof. Yme Kuiper: 'Is football a new kind of religion?'10 June 2008
Prof. Kees Hummelen: ‘The Netherlands is missing the renewable energy boat’03 June 2008
Prof. Fred Leemhuis: 'The ordinary Imams don’t receive enough attention in the media'27 May 2008
Prof. Kees de Glopper: ‘Reports on low educational levels are just rabble-rousing’13 May 2008
Prof. Sieneke Goorhuis-Brouwer: 'Toddlers and preschoolers benefit more from an understanding teacher than from a programme'.06 May 2008
Dr Eveline de Bont: ‘Fight the view that children with cancer have no chance’22 April 2008
Prof. Leon Verstappen: ‘Market mechanisms in notary law imposed by politics’15 April 2008
Dr Mirjam Plantinga, Albertjan Tollenaar:  ‘Work First: best practice or worst case scenario?’08 April 2008
Dr. Hans van Koningsbrugge: 'New Russian president Medvedev by no means Poetin’s lapdog'01 April 2008
Prof. Dr. Henk Moll: ‘The Netherlands should only buy European coal’25 March 2008
Dr Ben Crom: ‘Healthcare costs will always continue to rise, regardless of free market processes’18 March 2008
Dr. Karel Jan Alsem: 'Book Week should concentrate more on younger readers'11 March 2008
Prof. Frits Muskiet: ‘Our meals should be based on primitive man’s eating patterns’04 March 2008
Dr. H.B.M. Wijfjes: ‘NOS has to preserve independence in fight for football broadcasting rights’26 February 2008
Prof. Joep Hubben: ‘Turning patients away more often is not a solution'19 February 2008
Prof. Egon Berghout: 'Consequences of spam not always negative'12 February 2008
Prof Donald Uges: There’s no point banning addictive substances’05 February 2008
Legal sociologists Heleen Weyers and Marc Hertogh: ‘The man in the street no longer automatically accepts the authority of the judiciary’29 January 2008
Prof. Peter Ho: ‘Calls to boycott the Olympic Games reveal lack of knowledge of the Chinese situation’22 January 2008
Prof. Hein de Baar: Algae produce the ideal biofuel’15 January 2008
Prof. Doeke Post: Cut-price health care has no place in the Dutch system08 January 2008
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