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News archive 2009

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Cost-effectiveness studies of vaccination campaigns could be improved22 December 2009
Fight infection by disturbing how bacteria communicate21 December 2009
Relatives left in ignorance about fate of the war missing21 December 2009
Privacy issues play only a minor role in kilometre charging16 December 2009
Fewer migratory birds in the woods due to climate change16 December 2009
Taalkeuze Friese en Turkse Nederlanders11 December 2009
New sport and disability expertise centre keeps rehabilitated patients healthy09 December 2009
Wholegrain bread helps prevent diabetes08 December 2009
‘Radio godwit’ comes to grief in Malian fishing village03 December 2009
Research reveals risk of sickness absence with psychological problems01 December 2009
Children under 4 learn from teachers and each other25 November 2009
Nieuw 'FEBlog' prof. Elmer Sterken: I might create a 'bank run' on ABN.AMRO24 November 2009
Customer Insights Center Market Research: Only a small percentage of tickets are sold on23 November 2009
Wadman the failed writer – because he wanted to be both Frisian and Dutch23 November 2009
Oratie prof.dr. Jan Borleffs, hoogleraar 'Onderwijs en opleiding in de medische wetenschappen': Schaf loting en 8+ regeling af23 November 2009
Deaf toddlers benefit from consistently learning two languages19 November 2009
Korte cognitieve training lang effectief bij depressie18 November 2009
Birds and ‘cuddly’ animals more likely to be protected17 November 2009
Computer supports pupils when independently solving physics problems17 November 2009
Bewerkingen literaire klassiekers schat aan informatie17 November 2009
CHE Excellence Label 2009: economics and psychology among the best in Europe16 November 2009
RUG en VU samen in nieuw wetenschappelijk instituut11 November 2009
Gold and a place in the finals for Groningen iGEM 2009 participants11 November 2009
Dutch trauma care better, but mortality still high10 November 2009
Patients with wasp allergy very happy with immunotherapy04 November 2009
University of Groningen high on Best Places to Work ranking list of The Scientist03 November 2009
RUG verwacht 5000 bezoekers op de voorlichtingsdag voor aankomende studenten03 November 2009
Eerste Bachelors Geneeskunde met ‘Honours’-aantekening in Nederland30 October 2009
Schaatsexpositie Science on Ice opent 2 november30 October 2009
Bouwprogramma RUG impuls voor regionale economie28 October 2009
Wie wordt Miss of Mister Infrared Universe?22 October 2009
Breast cancer: many women have few psychological problems, or only briefly20 October 2009
Navigation systems could be cleverer, design must be improved20 October 2009
Activiteiten Oktober Kennismaand 200919 October 2009
Aletta Jacobs-Prize 2010 for Neelie Kroes19 October 2009
Energy internship and career plaza: Event of the Energy Delta Convention18 October 2009
Dutch consumer thinks sustainable food is too expensive16 October 2009
Sanderling flies 6,000 kilometres non-stop14 October 2009
Members of Dutch religious communities shocked by mortification and flagellation14 October 2009
Open huis Zernike: Reis naar het onbekende12 October 2009
Robert van Wessel wins Aart Bosman Prize for Best IT research12 October 2009
University of Groningen climbing world ranking list for third time in a row08 October 2009
Jackdaw soap opera yields important information on ageing07 October 2009
Hospital capacity in order for possible pandemic07 October 2009
Extremely violent behaviour due to low serotonin levels06 October 2009
Europe’s biggest gas research project takes off06 October 2009
Rabobank rated best by customers and DSB worst30 September 2009
In vol ornaat: Vier eeuwen Groningse hoogleraarportretten30 September 2009
Blushing helps in being thought nice and reliable29 September 2009
Does your child have ADHD? Follow parent training!29 September 2009
Much psychological research contains serious statistical errors29 September 2009
Lower ambitions in Friesland hamper performance of Frisian schoolchildren 29 September 2009
New cause of heart attack and stroke28 September 2009
Reintegration paths more successful with contract on rights and obligations16 September 2009
Eerste Masters Geneeskunde van Nederland studeren af15 September 2009
Permit offal to be put into animal feed again15 September 2009
Clever scrub jay doesn’t permit eavesdropping14 September 2009
Globalization drives states back to basics14 September 2009
British theologian Alister McGrath to visit Groningen10 September 2009
Lecture by Jeroen Smit at the Faculty of Economics and Business10 September 2009
Arthur Japin gastschrijver aan RUG09 September 2009
Jacques Wallage professor by special appointment of Integration and Public Administration 09 September 2009
Wereldpremière Urmas Sisask door Grieg Pianoduo en astronoom Peter Barthel01 September 2009
Health communication particularly effective after a compliment01 September 2009
Sterrenkijkavonden universiteit krijgen vervolg26 August 2009
Students the centre of attention during opening of Academic Year26 August 2009
Coral species on Great Barrier Reef adapting to climate change25 August 2009
25 jaar Rechtenpropedeuse in Leeuwarden25 August 2009
Faculty Economics and Business opening Academic Year: cultural differences in organisations24 August 2009
University of Groningen Welcoming Ceremony for foreign students21 August 2009
Sacha Landkroon nieuwe huisdichter RUG20 August 2009
Hans Goedkoop houdt Letterenlezing19 August 2009
EUR 4 million grant for Honours College19 August 2009
Street view in Spitsbergen12 August 2009
Sociology research school among first winners in Graduate Programme12 August 2009
Rijksoverheid feminiseert: vooral mannen in hogere functies verlaten de dienst03 August 2009
New Master’s degree programme in Criminal Law and Criminology29 July 2009
Alternatief bergklassement: Contador klimt sneller dan bolletjestruidrager Pellizotti23 July 2009
Summer school on ‘green’ choices09 July 2009
Expansion of University Medical Center Groningen to start01 July 2009
Unieke vondst: het middeleeuwse landrecht van Stellingwerf30 June 2009
‘Principes financieel toezicht helder en duidelijk in de wet formuleren’26 June 2009
Bevolkingskrimp leidt niet tot financiële problemen gemeenten25 June 2009
Sociology at the University of Groningen assessed positively25 June 2009
First ‘transmitter godwit’ back to West Africa in one go24 June 2009
An overview of poor relief in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries22 June 2009
Multiple pathways guide oxygen diffusion into flavoenzyme active sites17 June 2009
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen geeft herexamentraining VWO16 June 2009
New IVF technology is safer and just as effective16 June 2009
Royal Decoration for Ed Noort12 June 2009
Videoimpressie uitreiking eredoctoraten11 June 2009
Veertig miljoen FES-bijdrage voor LifeLines-onderzoek UMCG10 June 2009
Jeroen Smit, auteur ‘De Prooi’, eerste Alumnus van het Jaar10 June 2009
University of Groningen awarded both ECTS and DS labels10 June 2009
Finale Nederlandse Sterrenkunde Olympiade in Groningen10 June 2009
Onthulling lustrumbeeld Xy10 June 2009
Rijdende Rechter houdt openbare zitting in het Academiegebouw05 June 2009
Kinderuniversiteit 2009 over trekvogels04 June 2009
Ruud Lubbers, Kader Abdolah, Naema Tahir en Jacques Wallage over integratie02 June 2009
Invloed van wetenschap op sport tijdens het Sports Meet Science Congres02 June 2009
University of Groningen and Groninger Museum organize free festival in the centre of Groningen02 June 2009
Tentoonstelling: Textuur en Emotie29 May 2009
Black-tailed godwits en route to Africa with hypermodern satellite transmitters29 May 2009
Publieksmagazine over rijke geschiedenis van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen29 May 2009
Cooperation between vocational education and the business world not successful enough28 May 2009
Royal Decoration for Robert Janz26 May 2009
Use of the term ‘whiplash’ leads to more health problems26 May 2009
Transition to school important period in child’s life20 May 2009
Workload capacity determined better with test20 May 2009
Honorary doctorate for Hisashi Owada19 May 2009
Vibrating insoles can improve balance06 May 2009
Unconsciously identified rivals also trigger jealousy06 May 2009
RUG-lustrumfietstocht start met kanonschot04 May 2009
Nederlandse scholieren winnen goud op internationale conferentie04 May 2009
Van “dark energy” tot zoekmachine: miljoenensubsidie voor ICT industrieel onderzoek en valorisatie29 April 2009
Royal decorations for thirteen University of Groningen staff members29 April 2009
Donating part of your liver to your child not a matter of choice for many parents28 April 2009
Examentraining VWO Rijksuniversiteit Groningen start aankomend weekend23 April 2009
Ecosystem gone haywire: Cape Gannet threatened with extinction23 April 2009
Strijd om meeste kennis tijdens Grote Groninger Pubquiz21 April 2009
RUG werkt zich in het zweet voor Right To Play21 April 2009
Better targeting of stem cells as medication21 April 2009
Eerste CO2 onderzoekers van start voor RWE17 April 2009
Historici en sociale werkvoorziening samen op zoek naar maritiem verleden17 April 2009
Great interest in the first international medical degree programme in Groningen15 April 2009
Rölingcollege en Rijksuniversiteit Groningen winnen onderwijsprijs15 April 2009
Onderzoekers aan de RUG krijgen beter zicht op toekomstige carrière15 April 2009
Publieksmanifestatie Energie & Duurzaamheid14 April 2009
Radio Oranje not a determining factor in resistance to the Germans14 April 2009
Opening aardgasvulstation Zernike14 April 2009
Baten natuur Meerstad bijna 100 miljoen hoger dan kosten09 April 2009
Nederlands Mathematisch Congres dit jaar aan Rijksuniversiteit Groningen08 April 2009
Prof. Philip McCann appointed to the University of Groningen Endowed Chair in Economic Geography08 April 2009
Royal Visit to the University of Groningen on 23 April08 April 2009
Positive self-image plays an important role when coping with rejection07 April 2009
Grote verschillen in ontwikkeling OZB-tarieven06 April 2009
Marjo Buitelaar portretteert in haar nieuwe boek hoogopgeleide Marokkaanse migrantendochters02 April 2009
Major European grant for northern pharmaceutical high-tech companies01 April 2009
University of Groningen 79th Lustrum celebrations kicked off26 March 2009
Sterrenkijkdagen 2 t/m 5 april25 March 2009
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen investeert ruim half miljoen euro in Scholierenacademie25 March 2009
Arthur Japin nieuwe gastschrijver24 March 2009
Lustrumsymposium ‘Wat zijn de grenzen van het weten?’24 March 2009
Symposium ‘On the way to new identities!’23 March 2009
Ruim één miljoen euro aan nalatenschappen voor Rijksuniversiteit Groningen12 March 2009
Facial muscle relaxant treatments have a negative effect on emotions11 March 2009
Voorlichting over deeltijdopleidingen09 March 2009
Inaugural lecture Prof Smets, Duisenberg chair, with an introduction by Nout Wellink09 March 2009
'The call for applied research is justified'04 March 2009
‘Groningen Actief Leven Model’ encourages older adults to become more active at sports04 March 2009
Peer support groups effective for psychoses03 March 2009
Woonlasten 218 euro hoger02 March 2009
Pupils of Waldorf schools very weak at maths27 February 2009
Universiteit op zoek naar beste scholierenonderzoek25 February 2009
'University of Groningen Endowed Chairs' programma start met benoeming religiewetenschapper Kocku von Stuckrad25 February 2009
Fear of death leads to group behaviour25 February 2009
Stress onder controle via ademhaling17 February 2009
Marleen Janssen world’s first professor of deafblindness17 February 2009
Vruchtbare discussie over ethiek en economische crisis in Gronings alumnihuis De Allersmaborg17 February 2009
Huge potential for sustainable energy in China and India17 February 2009
International internship fair in Martiniplaza16 February 2009
Director General Research ECB, Prof. Smets, in new Duisenberg chair Groningen16 February 2009
Honorary doctorate for circadian biologist Michael Menaker11 February 2009
Expositie Universiteitsmuseum over Darwins wereld: mens, natuur en evolutie11 February 2009
Woonlasten grote gemeenten stijgen 3,3 procent10 February 2009
Biochemists discover new biological mechanism: Transport factor divides protein synthesis between mother and daughter cells09 February 2009
Religion much more important than politics in nation-building in the nineteenth century09 February 2009
German architecture: From role model to anti-hero02 February 2009
Trade unions: major factor in the economic development of the Northern Netherlands02 February 2009
Filosofiesymposium Rede & Religie28 January 2009
Leading researcher in social psychology Marilynn Brewer to receive honorary doctorate28 January 2009
Biologists in Nature Genetics: Although our genetics differ significantly, we all look alike...26 January 2009
Groningen PhD students win national Supply Chain Management competition23 January 2009
First World Conference of Humanitarian Studies21 January 2009
Live kidney donation also safe for older donors21 January 2009
Cave sponges crucial to survival of coral reef20 January 2009
The smallest possible switches20 January 2009
Hoogopgeleiden: liever wonen dan werken in Noorden05 January 2009
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