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Below you can find an overview of the latest RUG news messages.

NWO awards € 4 million to DIGITAL TWIN programme
Posted on:07 November 2019

NWO awards € 4 million to DIGITAL TWIN programme

Astronomers map new emission line to trace most common molecule in the Universe
Posted on:07 November 2019

Molecular hydrogen (H2) makes up 99% of the cold dense gas in galaxies. So mapping where stars are born basically means measuring H2, which lacks a strong characteristic signature at low temperatures. Astronomers from SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research and the University of Groningen have now mapped an emission signal from the trace molecule hydrogen fluoride (HF), in a place where the standard trace molecule carbon monoxide is absent.

Evolution is resetting the annual clock in migratory birds
Posted on:24 October 2019

Evolution is resetting the annual clock in migratory birds

Star Trek, or Ripley from Alien?
Posted on:14 October 2019

On 14 October 2019 Dr Mathilde van Dijk, Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity and Gender Studies at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, won first prize in the annual essay competition of NRC and KHMW

Down Under with Top Dutch (update)
Posted on:11 October 2019

After two years of hard work, the Groningen Top Dutch Solar Racing team has arrived in Australia. The team consists of students of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, University of Groningen, and secondary vocational education (MBO) and is currently preparing for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia: a 3,000-kilometer journey across Australia in a solar-powered car.

Start of the Maak dat de kat wijs! (Pull the other one!) public survey into contemporary Dutch expressions
Posted on:26 September 2019

As part of Science Weekend, the hip-hop band De Likt is introducing a new expression into the Dutch language – Dat zou de kapsalon nog niet halen (That’s a real dog’s breakfast). The band members use this phrase to express their feelings about the quality of a topic of conversation. The Rotterdam group wants their ‘home-made’ expression to be included in the official Van Dale dictionary of idiomatic phrases and sayings. De Likt is also calling on everyone to do their bit for academic research by participating in the University of Groningen’s Maak dat de kat wijs! national public survey, which is part of Science Weekend. The survey is designed to explore people’s knowledge and use of Dutch expressions. It is the brainchild of Simone Sprenger and Jacolien van Rij-Tange, two researchers working at the University of Groningen.

Van Rijn advice hits UG hard
Posted on:15 May 2019

The advice from the Van Rijn committee concerning the funding of higher education has heavy consequences for the UG as a broad-based classical university. The proposed redistribution of funds in favour of technical sciences is at the expense of degree programmes in the humanities, social sciences and medicine. The appendix of the report shows that UG funding would be structurally reduced by around € 9 million net per year.

First research outcomes
Posted on:08 March 2019

Early January, researchers from the University of Groningen (UG) launched the web application, with which everyone can help to map the plastic granules that have washed ashore after the MSC Zoe lost around 345 containers on the North Sea. After more than two months, the results now show that the North Sea beach of Schiermonnikoog has the highest concentration of microplastics, followed by the Groningen Wadden coast and the beaches of the uninhabited islands of Rottumeroog and Rottumerplaat. The clean-up of the granules on Schiermonnikoog will start next week.

The revolution of Do-It-Yourself research in the University Museum
Posted on:21 November 2018

Science is only for scientists? The touring ‘Beyond the Lab’ exhibition tells seven stories about people who opened up scientific research to everyone.

Faculty of Law alumnus Mutangana appointed as Prosecutor General of Rwanda
Posted on:10 January 2017

On 19 December 2016, with unanimous Senate approval, Faculty of Law alumnus Jean Bosco Mutangana was appointed to the position of Prosecutor General of Rwanda.

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