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Unique platform in the North of the Netherlands profiling business-research cooperation performance

26 February 2018
Northern Knowledge

Grand Opening Northern Knowledge entrepreneurial platform

28 June 2018, Kadijk, Zernike Campus, City of Groningen

Exciting days for innovators and entrepreneurs. Exciting days for the North of the Netherlands. Countdown to sustainable society. 28th of June, Northern Knowledge innovation platform will be definitely moving to its brand new hou-sing facility at Kadijk, Zernike Campus, City of Groningen. Northern Knowledge is the entrepreneurial platform profiling public-private cooperation for the University of Groningen (UG), UMCG & Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HUA) . One office for innovation & value creation. One support team. Dreams come true.  

As of June 28, Northern Knowledge office, Kadijk, Zernike Campus
As of June 28, Northern Knowledge office, Kadijk, Zernike Campus

Clear face for value creation performance

Northern Knowledge is your clear face for performance of cooperation of knowledge institutes and businesses. We are front office in facilitating and profiling cooperation of the actors in valorisation and entrepreneurship. Northern Knowledge is coordinating UG, UMCG, and Hanze University business development, public-private partnerships, and IP. Our performance includes:

Five pillars of Northern Knowledge
Five pillars of Northern Knowledge

Access to talent, lab rooms, workplaces and building plots

In close cooperation with Campus Groningen, Northern Knowledge offers innovative companies the perfect base for settling, because of access to research, education and entrepreneurship at Zernike Campus or Healthy Ageing Campus Northern Netherlands, City of Groningen.

Setting the innovation agenda

Under Northern Knowledge public private performance programme cutting-edge research initiatives are headlining the news, including

  1. NEW INNOVATION CENTRE AVEBE: UG and starch manufacturer Avebe will be researching with agrofood sector solutions for better starch or protein applications for specific recipes and clean label solutions.
  2. NEW ZERNIKE ADVANCED PROCESSING (ZAP) FACILITY: UG, HUA and industry are researching biomass potential in non-food as green alternatives to contribute to the Biobased Economy.
  3. CARBOHYDRATE COMPETENCE CENTER: UG, UMCG, Wageningen Uni-versity and industry are researching carbohydrates with the aim of sti-mulating innovation and contributing to a healthier and more sustainable society.
  4. ANTIBIOTICS: UG, UMCG and pharmaceutical industry are initiating antibiotics research to develop new medicines. Northern Knowledge is profiling these new developments on their path to value creation. Regional. Worldwide.
Dr. Annemieke Galema
Dr. Annemieke Galema


Interested in Northern Knowledge profiling your business-research performance? Please contact Dr. Annemieke Galema, director Northern Knowledge

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