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1 July 2017: Northern Knowledge alliance kick started
20 July 2017

Text by Neeltje Miedema, Research & Valorisation

Northern Knowledge is the brand new bundling of knowledge institutes and transfer point with the industry. The UMCG, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HU), and the University of Groningen (UG) will join forces on valorization and entrepreneurship in the north of the Netherlands under the name Northern Knowledge. The Northern Knowledge office will soon be housed in a new building at Campus Groningen, location Startup City, Zernike Campus. Dr. Annemieke Galema, UG, will be presiding the Northern Knowledge Programme Board.

Annemieke Galema
Annemieke Galema

Annemieke Galema: ‘ Northern Knowledge is the unique knowledge transfer office for knowledge institutes and for companies in the northern Netherlands where entrepreneurship, education and industry meet.

What is Northern Knowledge core business?

‘Our core business is profiling and coordinating Knowledge Transfer, Industrial Relationship, Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Campus development by showcasing our best practices and facilitating new initiatives.’

What kind of services Northern Knowledge platform will offer?

‘Our services include IP performance, scouting, screening and patent management. We facilitate entrepreneurs to start a business and to speed up new business and innovation through entrepreneurship education and business development support. Northern Knowledge office facilitates new businesses that intend to settle on Campus Groningen.’

Northern Knowledge artist impression
Northern Knowledge artist impression

The overall aim is?

‘The overall aim is to integrate entrepreneurship, education and industry in one facility to work together on global solutions from a multi-disciplinary perspective.’

What is in it for researchers?

‘Increased access to demand-driven research through coordination and co-operation. This will foster new research, new research talent and new opportunities to transfer knowledge into market products.’

What is in it for industry partners?

‘Increased access to excellent knowledge through coordination and cooperation resulting into knowledge-based innovation. Close cooperation and joint projects between knowledge institutes and industry will generate innovation, more collaboration and, finally, more wealth and well-being in the northern Netherlands.’

Northern Knowledge

When will Northern Knowledge office be operational?

‘Northern Knowledge kick started 1 July 2017. The new office will be housed at Zernike Campus in a new building next to the Marian van Os Center for Entrepreneurship, Hanze University, which opened last May at Kadijk.’

When will the new building be opened?

‘We expect at the end of 2017. We keep you informed via UG media. Feel welcome to drop by in due time or feel welcome to contact us right now with your suggestions how we can best facilitate you to speed up valorization and to face entrepreneurial challenges in the NN.’ ■

Northern Knowledge on Zernike Campus
Northern Knowledge on Zernike Campus

Northern Knowledge Programme Board

  • Aard Groen ( Dean University of Groningen Center of Entrepreneurship UGCE) ,
  • Iris Vis (Dean of Industry Relations UG),
  • Annemieke Galema (Director Northern Knowledge, chair),
  • Edward van der Meer (Director Zernike Campus Groningen/Director Triade) ,
  • Victorine de Graaf (Dean Life Science and Technology HU ),
  • Frans Donders ( Director Hanze Incubator Cube050/ Director Entrepreneurship & Startup Development HU) ,
  • Jan Sikkema (Director Center of Development & Innovation UMCG).

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Last modified:15 September 2017 3.19 p.m.

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