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Better ways to inhale drugs

UG Invention is Breaking News
05 oktober 2016

Carduso Capital will be investing in the PureIMS Twincer dry powder inhaler . ‘This product has so much potential that time to invest is precious,’ says Jan de Vries, director of the health care company IMDS in Roden and co-producer of the PureIMS Twincer in Dagblad van het Noorden (DVHN). The Twincer and Cyclops Twincer inventions were made by UG employees, and are legally owned by UG.

The Twincer
The Twincer

Koos Koops, Carduso Capital fund manager, is excited of the investment: ‘This product has the potential to be marketed in very short time.’ Carduso Capital participates in technology companies based on scientific knowledge from the University of Groningen and the UMCG.

De Vries is excited about the benefits of inhaling drugs via the innovative dry powder inhaler : ‘Inhaling medicines through the lungs has many advantages: it is an effective method to gain access to the body through the lungs. Secondly, the route via the airways offers many advantages over the gastro-intestinal-tract, for example because drug degrading enzymes are omitted and absorption is faster. Furthermore, the administration via the lung is less painfull and easier than an injection,’ stresses De Vries in DVHN. Pure-IMS is the licensee of two patents of the University of Groningen: Twincer dating from 2003 and Cyclops Twincer dating from 2014.

University Patent Policy

In general, UG/UMCG patents inventions which comply with the criteria for patenting (new and inventive), and which potentially have commercial value. For further development, co-operation with a commercial partner is usually sought. A license (or purchase) contract is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. With respect to financial compensation for UG/UMCG, it typically includes terms on (1) take-over of future patent costs, (2) reimbursement of historical patent costs, and (3) royalty and/or milestone payments, based on the market value of the invention. In case of success, net patent income will flow to UG/UMCG, usually on the long term. This income is distributed between inventors, research group, faculty and the central Patent Fund. The latter fund is used to finance new patent applications of UG/UMCG, and functions as a “revolving fund”.

Parkinson’s disease

Prof. Erik Frijlink, Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy, UG, is one of the f ounding fathers of the Twincer invention. The Frijlink team has been supported by the University Patent Policy and is really proud of the results of the Twincer concept for better ways to inhale drugs Frijlink: ‘And the Twincer concept is just a start. Currently, we are (amongst others) developing a new pulmonary therapy to treat Parkinson’s disease, a challenging project with a huge potential to improve the quality of life of the patients. This project just entered its clinical development phase.’

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