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Hieronder ziet u een overzicht van alle artikelen in het dossier Valorisation.

Interview Aard Groen: ‘Making new business out of research’
Gepubliceerd op:07 maart 2018

From 23-25 March 2018 the next Student VentureLab Weekend will take place at the University of Groningen. VentureLab Weekendis a 3-day-long event where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their best business idea to find out if their startup concepts are viable.

‘ZAP biobased research will be changing society’
Gepubliceerd op:26 februari 2018

In June of 2018 the Zernike Advanced Processing (ZAP) facility will open the doors of an unique innovation lab at Zernike Campus. ZAP provides excellent facilities for experimental biobased research in the Northern Netherlands. Furthermore, companies can make use of the existing equipment in ZAP. General manager Rob van Linschoten is looking forward to the opening.

Unique platform in the North of the Netherlands profiling business-research cooperation performance
Gepubliceerd op:26 februari 2018

28th of June, Northern Knowledge innovation platform will be definitely moving to its brand new housing facility at Kadijk, Zernike Campus, City of Groningen. Northern Knowledge is the entrepreneurial platform profiling public-private co-operation for the University of Groningen (UG), UMCG & Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HUA) .

Connecting Brussels (even more) to Groningen
Gepubliceerd op:14 september 2017

As of August/September 2017, Ms. Gema Ocana and Mr. Maarten Eisema have joined the Funding Team of the Research & Valorisation department. Gema Ocana is EU advisor and has 10 years of experience working in Brussels as EU policy officer focusing in the fields of health, equality and social affairs. Maarten Eisema is EU/Brussels Liaison Officer for the UG and the UMCG representing the three societal research themes: Healthy Ageing, Energy and Sustainable Society.

Your central meeting point for business
Gepubliceerd op:20 juli 2017

Northern Knowledge is the brand new bundling of knowledge institutes. The UMCG, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HU), and the University of Groningen (UG) will join forces on valorization and entrepreneurship in the north of theNetherlands under the name: Northern Knowledge. Northern Knowledge office will soon be housed in a new building at Campus Groningen, location Startup City, Zernike Campus. Dr. Annemieke Galema, UG, will be presiding the Northern Knowledge Programme Board.

Northern Knowledge, artist impression
Gepubliceerd op:11 mei 2017

The new bundling of knowledge institutes on valorization and entrepreneurship in the Northern Netherlands will be officially kicked off as per 1st of July. Key words are: coordination and visibility through one contact point at the Zernike campus for cooperation with companies. In the coming weeks the new name for Northern Knowledge will be announced. Northern Knowledge office will be located at Kadijk, Zernike Campus Groningen

Successful IP presentation for UG/UMCG audience
Gepubliceerd op:10 mei 2017

Last April, a target audience of policy makers, Faculty Funding Officers, Directors of Graduate Schools  and IP consultants from UG and UMCG gathered at the Van Swinderen Huys, Groningen, for an in-house course on insight and understanding of Intellectual Property (IP). The IP training, provided by DeltaPatents, was initiated by Research & Valorisation, UG, and Business Generator Groningen, UMCG. UG and UMCG have a fully developed, and joint, patent policy.

Curriculum-sampling to select the best students
Gepubliceerd op:09 maart 2017

Interview with Susan Niessen, MSc, University of Groningen, winner of the first Science for Society Award of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (BSS). The award has been initiated by Camilla Schaafsma, BSS Faculty Funding Officer. Susan received the Award from Annemieke Galema, Director of the University’s Research & Valorisation Department in January.

The Civic University: The Policy and Leadership Challenges
Gepubliceerd op:13 december 2016

In a recently published book, the leadership and management challenges of maxi-mising the contribution of universities to civil society both locally and globally have been drafted

Better ways to inhale drugs
Gepubliceerd op:05 oktober 2016

Carduso Capital will be investing in the PureIMS Twincer dry powder inhaler. The Twincer and Cyclops Twincer inventions were made by UG employees, and are legally owned by UG.

Societal Impact
Gepubliceerd op:16 december 2015

The Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) are key factors on the route to a meaningful and resilient society, concludes José van Dijck, President of KNAW. The keywords of the SSH strategy are cross bordering collaboration and inter disciplinary research between academics.

Prof. Sytze Brandenburg 3D device on radiotherapy
Gepubliceerd op:08 april 2015

Prof. Sytze Brandenburg 3D device on radiotherapy

Netherlands to 3rd place with European patents
Gepubliceerd op:08 april 2015

Netherlands to 3rd place with European patents

A journey through the world of urban nature
Gepubliceerd op:02 maart 2015

Lucy & Friends

Innovatie leidt tot kostenbesparing
Gepubliceerd op:15 december 2014

Waterschappen schakelen Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in voor duurzame oplossing

Gronings bedrijf ontwikkelt revolutionair cosmetica product
Gepubliceerd op:15 december 2014

Gronings bedrijf ontwikkelt revolutionair cosmetica product

Archeologische kennis delen leidt tot maatschappelijke innovatie
Gepubliceerd op:15 december 2014

Archeologische kennis delen leidt tot maatschappelijke innovatie

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