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Below you can see a overview of our articles about Strategy & Policy

Boosting your research career with EU HR award Excellence in research
Published on:14 December 2017

September 2015 the University of Groningen received the ‘HR award Excellence in research’ by the EC because of its HR strategy and action plan.  Recently an internal review document was published on the website in order to keep this award for the coming three years. The HR award ensures researchers can enjoy the same rights and obligations in any European country. In addition the HR award is an important advantage for researchers of the UG applying for EU funding.

The power of Groningen: Future Vision Perspective Groningen 2025
Published on:06 October 2016

In the vision document Perspective Groningen 2025 strengths and opportunities of the Province of Groningen have been inventoried. In the vision document four transition paths are arranged. The transition paths focus on the vitality of the people, cooperation in Groningen, employment and the attractiveness of Groningen.

Kick off meeting Groningen Engineering Center 25 October 2016, Academy Building
Published on:05 October 2016

On October 25 the Groningen Engineering Center (GEC) is hosting its Kick-Off meeting in the Academy Building. A festive meeting, says Dr. Stefania Costache, Scientific coordinator, Engineering Centre.

‘We are an open minded research community to serve science and society’
Published on:12 July 2016

‘To inspire, to connect, to improve on yesterday’s issues, those are the key missions of the Young Academy Groningen (YAG),’ declares Prof Diederik Roest, at the lively kick-off meeting last Monday of YAG, Academy Building, University of Groningen. Diederik Roest, Mathematics and Natural Sciences UG, is one of the 17 members of the newYoung Academy Groningen. On July 4th The Young Academy of Groningen was officially launched by Rector Elmer Sterken.

‘Pathway workshops’ to set knowledge-investment agenda
Published on:23 March 2016

At the end of last year, the National Research Agenda (NRA) was published, comprising 140 cluster questions and 16 example pathways through those questions. Using these pathways, the knowledge coalition will set a long-term investment agenda for academic research, which will be completed in the summer of 2016.

'Men and women together make a difference'
Published on:23 March 2016

Recently, the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen (UG) took part in the regular evaluation round of the quality of scientific research. An evaluation committee comprising 14 men reported to Hanzeplein 1, much to the dismay of Ingrid Molema, Professor of Life Sciences at the University, who works at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).

VSNU shines the spotlight on valorisation at the University of Groningen
Published on:23 March 2016

Dutch universities have agreed to introduce a set of indicators by 2016 to ensure that the societal impact of research is more visible to the outside world. The University of Groningen has selected 12 indicators to give a good impression of all its valorisation activities.

Improving life through care innovation
Published on:23 March 2016

Increasing numbers of researchers in the Netherlands and abroad are applying to use data and biomaterial from the LifeLines biobank for research into active and healthy ageing. In 2014, 50 requests were received, 36 of which were from the UMCG and the University of Groningen, seven from other parts of the Netherlands and seven from abroad. In 2015, new studies began into gut health, COPD, CT scans and a birth cohort.

An ounce healthier
Published on:02 February 2016

Column Spreek Buijs

Investment Plan for Europe
Published on:09 September 2015

Investment Plan for Europe: European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) ready for take-off in autumn

The Green Office – going green together
Published on:25 June 2015

Episode 1: the Green Office supports the aim to be green and sustainable

EU Project Managers Association Netherlands in Groningen
Published on:08 April 2015

EU Project Managers Association Netherlands (EUPMAN) in Groningen

Input for the new Strategic Plan RUG
Published on:08 April 2015

Input for the new Strategic Plan RUG

Northern Innovation Agenda 2014 – 2020
Published on:30 March 2015

Northern Innovation Agenda (NIA) 2014 – 2020

Let's together make Brussels accessible!
Published on:02 March 2015

AHA magazine

NL Highest return on EU FP7 research funding 2007 - 2013
Published on:30 January 2015

Highest return on EU FP7 research funding 2007 - 2013

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